Tax Trade Tariff

Tax can be defined as involuntary amount paid to Government or state by individual or business as a Governmental support in order to conduct their services or programs.

Types of tax

  • Income
  • Sales
  • Local
  • Trade
  • Federal etc.

Tax Planning

Tax planning has nothing to do with reducing burden of Tax. It helps one to invest some amount for future emergency in government security. State Government or Central Government with the help of tax planning investments earns benefit by mobilizing the funds. Before investing on any Government Security or bonds, one has to be cautious about certain things:

  • Is the investments secured?
  • What will be the return on nvestment?
  • How liquid is fund, So that one can withdraw it easily at the time of emergency?

One can take several steps on investing:

  • If one is investing on NSC, investment interest is further taxable.
  • While investing on PPF, it is not liable for any further tax.

There are several facilities available in tax planning; invertors have to fix their mind before investing.

Tax Preparation

There are different tax preparation facilities available through various tax planning:

Exemption for Senior Citizen:If you're investing in the name of Senior Citizen, then

it can provide you the benefit of higher tax exemption and in some cases higher return also.

Investment on Tax Exemption: If you're investing in the name of your child, then being a parent even after clubbing it you don't have to pay tax.

Tax Concession: If you're investing by transferring shares via renowned stock exchanges, then benefit of tax concession one can avail.

Tax Deduction in Business Premise: If a person owning retail business buys a shop in the name of any other person and taking it as a rent, then the rent would be tax deductible.

Tax Problems

The most common tax problems faced by tax payers are:

  • When tax debt and penalties are going up, even before you're clearing it.
  • When tax debt is becoming the main cause of you financial crisis.
  • When you're getting suffocated by the problem of IRS or Internal Revenue Service.

Tax Attorney

Tax attorneys are the helper of tax payers by making them coming out from different tax related problems. The main problem becoming the IRS problem, tax attorney also provides advice and support to overcome the setbacks of audit hassle, lien removal, fine reduction, etc.

General Agreements on Trade or Tariff (GATT)

General Agreement on Trade or tariff was modulated in order to provide the support of international forum to the members of GATT from different states, which will sustain the member to get the benefit of reduction of tariff on trade and make a place for solving any kind of trade dispute. This agreement was signed on 1947. It includes more than 110 countries in its membership list.