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All about the Sterling

Sterling was the name of a brand in automobile market by Arcona in the US. Under Sterling Motor Cars, Austin Rover Cars of North America was under it. It was a section under Rover Car Company in UK. Rover collaborated with Honda of Japan from 1987 to 1992.

The 800 series in Sterling was the only one that was sold. It was later modified as Rover 800 series but different specifications for the American market. First the sedan body styled 825 Sedan was sold (trims S or SL), and then later in 1988 the hatchback was included in the sedan with a large Honda engine and was known as 827 (trims SL, SLi or Si).

Sterling was available in Canada and the United States with the V6 gasoline engine. Later in 1989, it was changed to gauges from a different builder. Over years, the Sterling had improved and became better. These changes came in later as Sterling started experiencing poor sales in the US market.

The Rover KV6 engine was introduced in 1996 and was very different from the 2.5 L Honda V6 though both have the same 2.5 L capacity and V6 architecture.

Initially, the sales of the Sterling got a good response in the American market, mainly because of the ‘British’ interior design that was combined with a well designed exterior. In 1988 the sales of the Sterling hit to 15,000 cars and all the models had a real wood interior trim.

Sterling Car Models List

Sterling 827
Sterling 827
Manufacturer Sterling
Car Model 1991 Sterling 827
Year 1991
Car Price Kelley Blue Book Retail: $2200 - $2425