Small Business Grants

Small business grant is basically money available for investing in business. Small business grant is not a loan but free money that's made available to promote business and in turn the economy.

Small business grants enable small business entrepreneurs to fund their business ideas and carry out activities that can help establish and run their business. Grant money comes from income taxes. The biggest advantage that grants can do for people who are setting up a small business is to provide them with necessary finance with no questions asked. This means no credit checks or deposits are required to be eligible for the grant. Grant money does not carry any interest and does not have to be paid back.

According to federal law, in the United States, government agencies and private foundations have to offer grant money to individuals as well as established businesses. Foundations must give away about 5% of the market value of their assets or income received by way of interest in the form of grant money and if they do not comply they cannot get a tax reduction benefits. Business grant are given such important by law because of their potential in inducing economic growth and providing better jobs.

Any small business entrepreneur interested in getting a small business grant must be familiar with the 13 CFR 143 document. This document holds all information pertaining to the eligibility for a grant. It tells an entrepreneur about how to go about applying for a grant and gives details about the pre-award and post-award period of the grant. In short, it has all rules and regulations applicable to small business grants and is a must to read before applying for one.

Getting a business grant requires sound business planning. You need to prevent detailed report to the source from which you are trying to obtain the grant.

Finding small business grants

In many ways finding the right business grant is as important as having the right management skill to get the business going. Where do you start looking for information on grants? The internet is a good place to start as there are a number of website offering advice on where to find grants, how to make a request for a grant and how to obtain grants for a specific type of business. Some even offer grant packages to small business entrepreneurs.

There are many such sources available for procuring business grants. Here is a look at what these might be:

  • You can check out the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance and find many useful resources for grant money from here.
  • The Federal Register provides information on a list o grants offered and keep you updated on new one an one which have changed.
  • You can contact the U.S. Government's Grants and apply for grant here. Its website has comprehensive details on available grant for any venture.
  • You can get information on of Government grants from the Government's Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA).
  • One source of very good grant opportunities for small business entrepreneurs is the U.S Department of Labors Employment and Training Administration.

When you apply for a grant, you have to submit a grant request. This is where you need to do your best. You can either write the request yourself or approach a professional grant request writing service to help you do this.

If you are requiring a business grant, you need to have a good business plan in your mind. Grants are free money and such money is awarded only to the most deserving. So you have to be prepared to do the groundwork and prove this to the people offering you finance in this form to start your small business venture.