Small Business Credit Cards

Credit card accounts specific to businesses are not popular among new small business owners. A lot of new business owners tend to overlook the value of a business credit card. They may use their personal credit cards to make purchases for their business. However big or small your company is, it will definitely benefit from owning a business credit card.

Small business credit cards are known to be very efficient. By using these cards you not only prevent employees from spending over the limit, you could also subscribe for a yearly statement of the company’s expense and monitor your monthly billing statements with small business credit cards.

You can use the single payment method with this card. This means you can monitor the company’s monthly expenses, and lay down the necessary budget.

Monthly balances from cards should be paid off regularly, and you must also take advantage of all the reward programs the card companies offer. This is because the company’s expenses may just keep building. Not all business credit cards will be the same, and offers will be constantly changing. While applying for a business card, make sure to examine closely the terms for interest of each different card.

What can you Gain By Availing a Small Business Credit Card?

Most online credit card lenders will offer generous mileage as reward points and business rebates. Small companies who want to manage and streamline their expenses will benefit greatly from such business card offers. Small business credit cards and corporate cards have more additional platinum benefits when compared to traditional credit cards. These card benefits include:

  • Low ongoing rates on purchases
  • Free account summaries keeping business expenses separate from personal expense
  • Special business rewards and/or savings
  • Expense reports for management
  • Add on cards for employees
  • Generous credit limits

You may even be rewarded with a first class upgrade for a family vacation to Hawaii, when you utilize the miles rewards points of small business credit cards. Several small business credit cards and other credit cards offer outstanding rewards programs.

Does Small Business Credit Card have any Drawbacks?

If you do counter any problems, small business credit cards offer high levels of protection for their users in such instances. Insurance on baggage loss, traveler’s insurance, auto rental insurance are some of the features available to these card users. Identity theft is also monitored by these companies. You and your employees will be protected greatly through these features.

While responsible use of credit cards can help businesses, misuse of the cards will result in damage to your business. You will also become personally liable for the misused amount. Not many people are aware of this though.

Knowing the drawbacks of the small business credit cards is a precautionary measure which will save you from a lot of problems beforehand. For the first few years, your personal and professional finances are blended. Just like you are personally liable for your personal credit card, similarly you are for your business credit card. Any creditor may seek the person who signed the card for payment, if the business fails to pay up. Lenders while sourcing credit cards will make sure borrowers agree to this condition.

A good credit in your business is always the best way to ensure its future growth. A good credit history can be established if the use of the small business credit card is proper.