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If you are looking for adventure - trucking is the ideal profession to undertake. The thrill one encounters on the street is just sudden and unpredictable. This is virtually identical to a reality show without pre set rules and conditions. Sharp intellect, presence of mind, reflex action and courage filled grit and grind of an individual are put to test when he undertakes the career of a CDL driver. Helping distressed and needy people is also one of the magnanimous tasks associated with the profession. Trucking is an exciting, thrilling, adventure filled and challenging opportunity which is laid bare for the daring on the vast expanse of asphalt. It depends on your drive to dare and defy destiny. The knowledge and language of the asphalt like any other skill is to be diligently learnt by enrolment to a truck driving school. There are numerous truck driving schools in Rhode Island. A proper selection of an institution is critically important as the quality and finesse of education moulds an ideal trucker. Mentoring, experience and presence of mind are the prime requirements of the trucking profession and any laxity in these issues will have a direct bearing on the professional safety and security standards.


The state of Rhode Island houses many truck driving schools. First and foremost you have to ensure that you have the minimum qualifications required for enrolling into the course. On that being accomplished it becomes equally important to make a due diligence of the institutions, ratings, courses offered, fee structure, solo on the wheel training hours and post training placements. Considering and taking meticulous care of these factors will in the long run determine your brand value and will finally reflect in your pay package. Let us have a look at the truck driving schools in Rhode Island. There are 6 Truck Driving schools in Rhode Island with an average student enrolment of 8. There is 1 A+ rated driving school in Rhode Island. The curriculum of all the schools are the same and are basically focused to teaching what is essential to pass the written knowledge test for obtaining the Rhode Island commercial driver’s license (CDL).


The state of Rhode Island does not have a state sponsored statutory regulatory and truck driving training institution for aspirants of the state. The private sector players have taken up the initiative of imparting training and skill building exercise in the logistical training sector. Aspiring students should ensure that the target institution he is intending to join confirms with the Rhode Island standards as outlined in the rules and regulations of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986. The schools impart training, but the exams for the CDL are conducted by the Division of Motor Vehicles in conjunction with the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI). Driving schools which train drivers for obtaining a commercial drivers license in the state of Rhode Island are

There are two types of CDL schools in Rhode Island

  1. Private Truck Driving School - These are independent schools which are not affiliates or subsidiary companies of logistic companies in which you have to pay the tuition fees at the time of enrollment.
  2. Company Sponsored Driving Schools (Training Programs) - These are subsidiary training schools owned by trucking companies where you are charged reasonable tuition fees with the option of paying your fees from your earnings subsequent to being employed.

There are 6 CDL schools in Rhode Island with either a single or multi locations. There are numerous courses to suit the student’s requirements, but at the end of being granted a license the trainee has to serve under a mentor to develop into an accomplished driver.


There are mainly two tuition fees options involved in CDL Schools.

  • Free CDL Training - Called “free” but actually is a staggered payment system. It is more of a sweat shop arrangement. After obtaining a CDL license one has to work for the company under a bond till the amount along with the accrued interest entered into the bond is cleared.
  • Paid CDL Training - Payment to be made at the time of enrollment. Financial assistance in the form of scholarship, grants, assistance, refunds, are available which the students can seek and avail.

The cost is variable but an indicative figure is as follows:-

Median Tuition Cost - $ 5,424.

Median Loan Amount - $ 3,895.


Rhode Island has plenty of opportunities for as a driver that's in the market for a trucking job. Rhode Island as of 2013 had nearly 2,730 truck drivers with a median annual salary of $ 42,360 compared to the National median salary of $ 38,700. The average truck driver’s salary in Rhode Island is at par to other states. This is basically due to its being the smallest state and the quantum of freight is comparatively low. The companies in Rhode Island offering career opportunities in truck driving are:-

  • Heartland Express, 800-441-4953
  • Celadon Trucking, 888-230-3026
  • Ryder, (866) 616-3977
  • Schneider, 800-447-7433
  • Werner Enterprises, 855-679-9741
  • Roadrunner Transportation, 800-560-3758
  • CRST, 866-419-0835
  • Powersource Transportation, 800-368-8789
  • Transport America, 877-389-0871
  • Barr-Nunn Transportation, 888-216-1102
  • Melton Truck Lines, 866-464-4927
  • Marten Transport, 866-370-6269
  • Pride Transport, 801-952-2304
  • Covenant Transport, 866-609-3620
  • Anderson Trucking Service, 888-471-9536
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List of Rhode Island Truck Driving Schools

New England Tractor Tailer Training School

1 Dunnell Ln
Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860
Ph: 800-964-7771

Ntnwd Tractor Trailer Driving School

100 Washington Hwy
Smithfield, Rhode Island 02917

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