Replacing a Lost Driving License

Like everything else, your driver’s license can also be misplaced, lost or stolen and you find yourself unable to drive. The first thing you must do when you don’t find your license is to look for it in every possible place. It could be left in the car, in your bag or purse, or could have made its way to the laundry basket. If it is only misplaced, you can probably find it and spare yourself the extra effort and cost of replacing a lost driving license. In case you suspect that it is stolen, you must report to the police immediately.

The Requirements

The first and foremost requirement for replacing a lost driving license is the physical presence of the applicant in the state of California. Other states may allow a replacement online, through phone or snail mail too. You can visit the DMV office in person to get a new driving license. Your license must be valid at the time it got lost or stolen for you to be able to get a replacement. Other documents you will need to accompany are your identity proof, address proof, photographs, social security number etc. Make sure that the documents you provide are same as the documents provided last time during the original issue of the license. Those who are under 18 may also need to get the application signed by either both of their parents or legal guardians.

The Process

For replacing a lost driving license, the applicant has to visit the local DMV office and apply in person. If you are from the same state and possessed a valid driving license, you do not need to appear for the test again. After your application is accepted, an interim license will be provided that will be valid for 90 days. The replacement will reach at the address provided in your application hence it is important that it is your current address. If you are not in your own state when the license is lost, you can apply for a replacement online or through phone if your state allows it.

If possible, wait till you get home to apply for replacement. Visiting the DMV office in person makes things easier and transparent. You can also fill the application online if it suits you better.