Renewing Your Driving License

In most states of America, a driver’s license is valid for 5 years. After it expires there are many ways for renewing your driving license including online renewal. Things have become easy now as we can carry out the renewal process sitting in our homes or offices. Depending on what is convenient to you, you can go in person, contact through mail or phone or using the Internet. You can get more specific information from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your state.


There is slight variation in the requirements from one state to another. You must have a valid license in that state if you want it to be renewed. It is not possible to renew a license that has been suspended due to too many tickets or any other reason.  You should have a full license in that state not just probation. It is difficult to renew an expired license so it is better that you begin the process at least 60 days before your license expiry date. You get a renewal reminder notice from DMV two months before the expiry date. You are allowed a time of 90 days even after the license has expired to renew it.

Modes of Renewal

Though the convenience has been provided to renew my email in most states, you can not renew by email every time. You can only use the mail method if you have not renewed using the mail last two times. Online renewal is allowed to all US citizens who have their social security number on file and do not wish to change their address during the renewal. You get a renewal identification number in the notice sent to you by DMV. This RIN is needed if you want to renew your driving license on phone. A renewal fee of $32 is charged irrespective of the mode of payment.

There are several conditions when you need to get the renewal done in person. You cannot get three renewals in a row without going to the DMV office in person. This mode is compulsory for drivers more than 70 years of age. If you are required to take the written test, you have to go in person to get the renewal. Renewing a driving license has become very convenient so make sure you get yours renewed on time.