Online Company Registration

Any person can assimilate a company for the lawful purpose by subscribing to its memorandum of association. For the integration of the company you will be required to submit the Memorandum of Association and Article of Association along with the form 10, and form12 to the office of company's registrar. Along with these documents and form you will also have to deposit the registration fee to the registrar of companies.

Online Company Registration

But with the help of online registration all these hectic work has become easy and comfortable. There are many reasons which make it compulsory to register the company name.

  • There are online services through which you can assimilate a company within a day after the submission of registration form.
  • Before going for online registration of your company make sure, that the online service provider for the company registration, should not be any hidden cost included with their charges.

Benefits of using online company registration

  • There are many online services on internet from where you can get the registration form and register your company name with your own secretary, director, shareholder and registered office. The online facilities to get the company registration form and registration of company name make person comfortable.
  • You do not have to rush to the office of company register to get the form and to submit the filled form or other document related to the company registration.
  • The whole guidance and information regarding how to select your business form, how to register your company and a small business can also obtained from the online services provider of company registration.
  • Through these online services you can register your company name in one day without getting intricate into the complicated manual or paper filling forms.
  • The registration forms available on internet are very simple and easy to fill.
  • This online company registration is very fast, cheap and easy lawful entities assimilation. This online service also provides help and advice on starting :
      business development
      raising finance
      corporate recovery
      financial planning
      Secretarial services.
  • The fee for incorporation of the company is paid through the credit card which made the mode of payment very easy.
  • All the online forms and application were in word or in PDF format.

The process to fill the online registration form

  • First of all you will have to choose a company name and search for this name in the database of company name available on the website of registration house and company registrar and see whether this name already exists or not.
  • After finding the suitable company names, fill the Name Reservation Application form mentioning the type of service i.e. partnerships, proprietorship and LLC (Limited Liability companies), you require which is very easy to fill.
  • You will have to complete some elementary authentic detail relating to your company officer and member etc on the form available on the website of the online registration.
  • They will send you a Name Research Report along with the confirmation related to the reservation of the company name. This Name Research Report shows that the name chosen for your company is not being in use by some other company.
  • Submit the filed form along with the copy of name research report application, Article of Constitution or Article of continuance, List of Directors and the notice stating the address of the head office, and wait for the email notification, and within few hours you will be registered as a founding director and shareholder of the company. The Certificate of Incorporation will be email to you after the registration of your company name.
  • The payment of the registration fee for the registration of the company name is done through credit card. Thus make you free from the arrangement of money order or bank draft or check in the name of company registrar.


  • The online submission of the all the forms, application and document related to the opening or establishment of a new company and its registration to the company registrar has made the work very fast and cost effective.
  • The major advantage of the online registration is that you do not have to attend before a solicitor, notary public or commissioner, justice of the peace to sign a declaration in form 12.
  • Also you do not have to present a witness while signing these forms.
  • They will give you all the certificates and proof related to your company name registration in an Adobe PDF format which you can save it properly so that if in future you can use this document for any company event held in future.