New Mexico Truck Driving Schools

Today’s invention is tomorrow’s antique. In the fast changing technological scenario redundancies of technology is commonplace and rampant. However some very basic objects of everyday life despites all inventions maintains its vitality. One such object is the “Wheel”. A symbolism of the never ending cycle of life. Invention of the wheel dates back to 3500 B.C. This was further accelerated by the unique wheel-axle concept. It was the development of this mechanical feat that heralded the concept of transportation and logistics, which all modern day inventions till today have been unable to replace and substitute. Refinement to the system has brought it to attain an industry status and bring it center stage to economic development. A developed transportation system is the backbone of any developing and developed economy. However resources required to be committed to the sector to make it contributive to the universal economic setup. Trained manpower is one such requirement of this sector. Much emphasis is placed on training as it is the ultimate factor which contributes to productivity. A skilled driver will contribute to profitability by saving wastages and increasing productivity which will ultimately get translated to the financial bottom lines of the institution employing his services. For this the enrolment to a good driving school is of utmost importance.  Many a truck driving schools exist in the state of New Mexico. Before seeking admission one has to make enquiries regarding the institution, the quality of education it offers, its efforts in getting you a job and the fees it charges etc. The basic traits of composure, presence of mind, compassion and patience are to be inculcated in an aspiring driver. The absence of any one of these qualities will have a direct bearing on the security and safety aspects of the candidate.

The state of New Mexico has ample quantity of qualitative truck driving schools. The basic education requirement for enrolling is to such schools is possessing the age of 21 years by the aspiring candidate. The next logical step in the direction is conducting the required due diligence. The aspirant has to be carefully resolve this issue as it will have a lifelong impact on his professional reputation, goodwill and earnings. There are 16 Truck Driving schools in New Mexico with an average student enrolment of 22. There are 2 A+ rated truck driving schools in New Mexico as per the Better Business Bureau. The course content of all the schools are framed in a manner to exhaustively include whatever is necessary to qualify in the written knowledge test for obtaining the New Mexico commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Types of CDL Schools in New Mexico

New Mexico has its preset rules and regulations for granting a commercial driver’s license (CDL) for operating vehicles in the state. Driving schools which train drivers for obtaining a commercial drivers license in the state of New Mexico are

There are two types of CDL schools in New Mexico

  • Private Truck Driving Schools - Stand alone and private sector sponsored institutions which impart academics on a commercial basis and charge tuition fees at the time of student enrollment.
  • Public Truck Driving Schools - These are community college run institutions offering affordable fee structure with a community service orientation.
  • Company Sponsored Driving Schools (Training Programs)  - These are organizations with industry and institutional overtones. Basically these are trucking company sponsored schools where first the education is imparted and fees subsequently recovered from their employment earnings within the company.

There are 16 CDL schools in New Mexico with either a single or multi locations. Course content are numerous basically tailored to meet the students requirements, thereafter the aspirant has to practice as an apprentice under a mentor before he is allowed a free solo run of the highway.

Cost of Driving Schools in New Mexico

There are mainly two tuition fees options involved in CDL Schools.

  • Free CDL Training - This is in the nature of a deferred payment system aimed at inclusiveness of more students On being granted a CDL license one has to work within the company under a bond till the bond executed towards the course fees  is cleared in full.
  • Paid CDL Training - Under this system the entire tuition fees is paid upfront at the time of enrollment. Scholarship, grants, assistance, refunds, which varies from school to school are also available to students. It is dependent basically on the aspirant.

The cost is variable but an indicative figure is as follows:-

Median Tuition Cost - $ 1,664

Median Loan Amount - $ 4,723

Median Scholarship Award - $ 1,056

Career in New Mexico as Truck Driver

New Mexico offers satisfactory job opportunities to a driver. New Mexico as of 2013 had nearly 9,200 truck drivers with a median annual salary of $ 39,940 compared to the National median salary of $ 38,700. The average truck driver’s salary in New Mexico is higher compared to other states. This is basically due to more haulage business and few driver available in the state. The companies in New Mexico offering career opportunities in truck driving are:-

  • Prime Inc., 800-626-1643
  • TruckMovers, 816-994-0690
  •  Roadrunner, 855-234-4956
  • Oakley Trucking, (888) 995-6823
  • Earl Henderson Trucking, (855) 777-7844
  • Stevens Transport, 888-992-0330
  • E.L. Hollingsworth & Co., 888-300-9935
  • Central Refrigerated Service, 877-593-8719
  • Pride Transport, (800) 801-4819
  • Mercer Transportation Co., (888) 382-9037
  • Knight Transportation, 877-403-4024
  • Sky Transportation, 915-726-1081
  • Decker Truck Line, Inc., 877-233-2537
  • Rains and Sons Transportation, 405-547-1317
New Mexico Driving Schools
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List of New Mexico Truck Driving Schools

Albuquerque Tech Truck Driver Trg
525 Buena Vista Dr Se
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106
Ph: 505-341-4900

Freeway Truck Driving School
2518 Coors Boulevard Southwest
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87121
Ph: 505-877-7917

Rocky Mountain Truck Driving School
2705 Princeton NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107
Ph: 505-888-5182

Artesia Training Academy LLC
3205 W. Main
Artesia, New Mexico 88210
Ph: 1-888-586-0144 or 505-748-9766

Clovis Cc
417 Shepps Blvd
Clovis, New Mexico 88101
Ph: 505-769-4915

MTA Dona Community College
2001 Copper Loop #11
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005
Ph: 505-525-2533

International School
301 Victory Lane / PO Box 1919
Sunland Park, New Mexico 88063
Ph: 800-743-1414

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