Moving Company

Moving home is a very difficult which everyone has to face once in a life. For this we have to trust on strangers for our belongings and the most difficult task is to choose a good moving company.

Nowadays, moving company are thousands in number but we can't rely on any company so to choose the best out of the worst is a difficult task. Choosing a wrong company can cost more money and time. So it's good to decide on your own that which company is better to shift your expensive goods from one place to another.

Nowadays, many companies offer services like packing material and storage facilities but on the other hand many companies provide services like packing your goods, transport them and even unpack your possessions in your new home.

Points to remember before choosing the best moving company:

  • The first and the foremost thing is that you have finalized your date of move.
  • Secondly, whether you are moving locally or at any long distance.
  • Whether you want your possessions packed by yourself or by the company.
  • How much insurance will you need?

Once the company is chosen it's time to call that company so that you can get affordable discount as well as time to search another best company if the company you have chosen is not able to take your possessions. When the question of costs comes it is better to pay a lot to get more services and also do not forget to ask about the company's insurance cover and the claims which they provided if any of the items gets damaged.

When this process is done its time to get ready for your moving day and don't forget to call your chosen company few days before the date of moving.

Now let us discuss the best moving companies and their services of different countries in detail.

Mayflower moving company:

Over 75 years ago Mayflower Company in America has started helping the families from one place to another.

Features of mayflower moving company:

  • It is a certified company.
  • This company finalizes the price with the customer before moving.
  • This company has around 500 agents all over the world.
  • The labor they provide to the customer for packing and loading of possessions have full knowledge of techniques and they are also certified with the "quality labor certification".
  • This company also has sites to place orders online and the customer can also claim money online if his belongings get damaged.

Mayflower Company has a hot air balloon which is made up of ripstop nylon with green, yellow, and red design and the gas used in heating the envelope is propane.

New York moving company:

The best moving company in New York is moishe's. In 1983 the company has started moving the possessions with only one red colored van but today this company becomes the largest moving company in New York.

Features of Moishe's moving company are:

1) This company basically sets the price with the customer in any of the three ways depending on the choice of the customer.

    a) Customer can fill the submission form and get the rough estimate on online.
    b) Customer can also get the rough estimate of his belongings by talking to the estimator on the phone.
    c) Lastly he can set up an appointment with the estimator so that he can visit his home and give the better estimate.

2) This company classifieds the estimates into two types:

a) Non binding estimate.

It means the customer has to pay the final price depending on the hours and the materials used for their belongings.

b) Binding estimate.

It means the customer has to pay the price which is decided between the company and the customer before move.

Houston moving company:

As there are hundreds of moving companies in Houston but the best one is A-1 Allstate moving company.

Features of A-1 Allstate moving company:

    1. This company meets all insurance requirements.
    2. This company also provides inspection for the safety of the valuable belongings of the customer during transportation.
    3. From organizing to deliver the belongings to the final destination, it is the headache of the company not of the customer.
    4. Overall the company's goal is to satisfy the customer.

Allied moving company:

Allied moving company was established in 1928 and it is connected throughout the world with its subsidiary called allied international. It is the oldest van line in United States.

Features of Allied moving company:

    1. This company satisfies the customer expectations by providing the trained employees and drivers.
    2. The customer can directly talk to the claims department on online.
    3. The customer can check the current status of their shipment with the help of online shipment tracking function.

Out of 450 agents, Berger is the largest moving company which helps in transportation of the belongings of the individual customers, government agencies, and corporations either locally or internationally.

United van lines moving company:

The largest and the best moving company in America are the united van lines moving company whose goal is not only to satisfy the customer but also to improve their skills.

Features of united van Lines Company:

    1. This company has the technology to track the shipment of the customers.
    2. Air ride vans are also available with this company.
    3. The vans which are used for going outside the country are fitted with the communication system.
    4. This company finalizes the price with the customer before moving.
    5. It also settles the claims fastly if the customer's belongings get damaged.

Hot air balloon program of united van Lines Company has started in 1982 in truck shape whose length is 92,000 cubic foot fitted with headlights.

Atlas moving company:

The most popular moving company of Nepal known as atlas moving company was established in 1981 and it has the specialization in long distance moving.

International moving company:

Meyer's international van lines are the largest international moving company in New Jersey which provides reasonable price for shifting the belongings of the customer.

Features of Meyer's van lines:

    1. They have the reliable professionals with the knowledge of latest moving methods.
    2. This company is licensed and insured.
    3. This company fulfils the needs of the customer due to which when one is moving abroad the first name of the moving company came to his mind is Meyer's van lines.

Different moving companies have set up the different estimates for shifting the belongings of the customer. One can also get the estimate of their belongings on online which include the travel distance, the material used for packing and the unpacking cost. Redline moving company is only company which provides the free online estimate along with the duration.

Basically there are three types of moving estimates which are as follows:

    1. A true binding estimate.
    2. Binding estimate.
    3. Non binding estimate.

In the true binding estimate the customer has to pay the amount according to the weight of the belongings. The main advantage of this estimate is that if the weight is higher or lower than the actual weight written, the customer has to pay the written estimate.

In binding estimate the customer has to pay the price which has been decided between the company and the customer before move and in non binding estimate the customer has to pay the price depending on the hours taken to shift the belongings.