Motorcycle Written Test

Driving a two wheeler is different and often more difficult than driving a car or a truck and hence the skills needed are also very different. You need to follow a process to get yourself the right to ride a motorcycle in USA. Every state has slightly different laws regarding this but the basic requirement is same. You need to pass a written test as well as a skill test to qualify. Every state has a Department of Motor Vehicles that qualifies candidates and qualifies them for awarding driving licenses.

The Written Test

If you want to become a licensed rider, you need to go through the Motorcycle Handbook provided by the DMV and pass the written test based on it. The test usually contains multiple choice questions that test your knowledge about riding a motorcycle safely. Apart from that you also get a lot of information about the procedures to follow while applying for a license, renewing it, moving to other state etc. The test is easy if you have gone through the manual carefully. You can appear for the test 3 times at a time after which you will need a break before you can reappear.

What You Need to Know – Before Driving

While riding a bike, you need to know the very basic functioning of a motor cycle. This knowledge will be tested in the written test because it is important for road safety. Without proper knowledge of your vehicle, you can hurt yourself as well as others on the road. If you are new, it is a good idea to get training from a motorcycle driving school. You must know about the different gears and the right gear to choose at any time.

You must also know the right kind of clothing and footwear to choose while riding a motor bike. The driver is responsible for personal safety precautions like choosing the right helmet, protecting the eyes and face etc. Whatever you wear should be comfortable but not too loose that it disturbs you or gets entangled anywhere as you ride. It is also your responsibility to be visible on the road so that other vehicles can see you and keep safe distance. There are also certain guidelines regarding basic riding safety and while riding in a group that every licensed driver must know.

What You Need to Know – While Driving

It is important for a licensed driver to know how to keep him and others safe while on the road.  There are some skill based knowledge points also which you must know. This mostly includes handling your vehicle with others on the road, keeping it in control, keeping safe distance, double riding, avoiding accidents and riding on different surfaces etc.