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Logistics has been one of the main economic drivers of the distribution system since the evolution of humanity. It has been a great leveler of resource disparities and forms the very foundation on which the forces of free competition and enterprise operate in today’s world. Its absence would have had a catastrophic impact on the supply side theory of distribution. The very concept of trade and commerce would have got impacted. It can be regarded as a medium of attaining equilibrium to the forces of demand and supply. Logistics is the barometer of a nation’s economic progress and “Trucking” one of its vital constituents. Trucking has the largest market share in the surface transportation segment. Like any other skill acquisition trucking also requires education, training and mentoring, which can be accomplished by the enrolment to a driving school. The state of Massachusetts is the home to numerous driving schools. One has to appropriately apply oneself for selecting an institution, since good education is important to become an ideal trucker. The essential traits and skill sets required for the trucking profession are to be acquired as a dilution of these traits will have a direct bearing on the profile, professional safety and security standards.


Identical to other states - Massachusetts too has its fair share of truck driving schools. The four important steps prior to enrolling are - having the basic qualification, selecting institutions, conducting due diligence and short listing the target institution. There are 11 Truck Driving schools in Massachusetts with an average student enrolment of 18. There are 4 A+ rated and 1 F rated truck driving schools in Massachusetts as per the Better Business Bureau. Course content of all schools are by and large identical as far as the particular trade and stream is concerned. The curriculum is framed in a manner that the essential areas of study are covered thereby enabling an aspirant to qualify the written knowledge test for obtaining the Massachusetts commercial driver’s license (CDL).


Massachusetts, like the other states has its own rules and regulations for granting commercial drivers license (CDL). Driving schools in Massachusetts which train aspirants for a commercial drivers license are:

There are two types of CDL schools in Massachusetts

Private Truck Driving Schools. - Stand alone institutions which are purely into academics and charge tuition fees at the time of student enrollment.

Company Sponsored Driving Schools (Training Programs). - These are trucking company sponsored schools where the option of deferred paying of fees from futuristic earnings under the school affiliated trucking company is available.

There are 11 CDL schools in Massachusetts located at Avon, Springfield, Haverhill, New Bedford, Holyoke, North Dartmouth, etc. There are numerous courses including training under a mentor.


There are mainly two tuition fees options involved in CDL Schools.

  • Free CDL Training - This is basically a deferred payment study programme. After obtaining a CDL license one has to work for the company under a bond till the amount entered into the bond inclusive of interest is cleared in full.
  • Paid CDL Training - This is a down payment programme. Scholarship, grants, assistance, refunds, which varies from school to school are also available to students. It is dependent basically on the choice of the aspirant.

The cost is variable but an indicative figure is as follows:-

Median Tuition Cost - $ 7,101

Median Loan Amount - $ 5,106

Median Scholarship Award- $ 1,063


Massachusetts offers an employment galore for aspiring drivers. Massachusetts as of 2013 had nearly 21,680 truck drivers with a median annual salary of $ 47,170 compared to the National median salary of $ 38,700. The average emolument package of a truck driver in Massachusetts is higher in comparison to other states. This is a commodity surplus state and requires constant displacement by surface transport leading to a higher demand of truck and drivers. The companies in Massachusetts offering career opportunities in truck driving are:-

  • Trillium, 888-326-0721
  • Logistics One, 518-587-3700
  • Crete Carrier, 800-998-2221
  • Mercer Transportation Co., (888) 382-9037
  • Sunset Logistics, 888-256-4831
  • Melton Truck Lines, 888-336-0416
  • Swift Transportation, 866-594-1713
  • TruckMovers, 816-994-0690
  • Heartland Express, (800) 441-4953
  • Marten Transport, (866) 370-6269
  • Forward Air Freight,855 257-7773
  • Cryogenic Transportation, 800-871-4581
  • USA Truck, Inc., 866-562-1817
  • Barr-Nunn Transportation, 855-854-3594
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List of Massachusetts Truck Driving Schools

Parker Professional Driving School Inc.

11 - 13 Robbie Road Building 3
Avon, Massachusetts 02322
Ph: 508-583-1906

Roadmaster Driving School

CDL A&B Truck Driving and Auto School
75 Bridle Path Lane
Methuen, Massachusetts 01844
Phone Number: 978-6837016

Amaral Auto & Truck Driving School Inc

125 Potomska Street
New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740
Ph: 508-992-7127

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