Learning About Road Signs

If you want to drive a vehicle on the roads of America, you must pass the driving test and get a permit. Driving is a very essential skill and knowing about the road signs is one of the easiest things you can do to enhance it. Many new drivers find them confusing or take them for granted and often fail their tests due to this. Here are some basics which you can remember to take an intelligent guess. Every one of the road signs is of a particular shape, size and color for a reason. You can use each of them to understand what a sign might mean.

The Color Codes

All the road signs are color coded and you can guess what to do even if you do not remember what the road sign exactly means. For example, red is the color for danger and you need to stop every time you see it. It could mean that the entry is prohibited or that there is some danger. Similarly, green is the color that tells you to go ahead. Speed limits are usually written in black and white so that one can read clearly. Yellow is the color for caution and orange stands for maintenance or construction. Brown color is often used to mark recreational centers and blue stands for information.

Road Sings Shapes

Different shapes of road signs also represent different actions. A diamond shape says danger and caution and if it is an octagon, you need to stop immediately. You see round shaped signs when you are about to see railroads. If you see a pentagon, there is a school in the vicinity and pennant shape sign represents no-passing zone. Notices are generally displayed on vertical rectangles while horizontal rectangles contain information for drivers.

Getting to know the traffic signs makes driving easier for any driver. It puts you on the same page as other drivers and everyone is safe.  It is important that you study for your test not just to pass but to provide a safe environment for everyone on the road. All the signs are clearly mentioned in the drivers’ handbooks for each and every state. You can also find some practice tests online to get your basics strong.