Learners Permit Test

If you want to drive any vehicle in the United States, you either need to have a driving license or a learner’s permit. Different states have different age qualifications for learner’s permit which vary between the ages of 14 to 18. Those with learner’s permit have certain restrictions like they can only drive when accompanies by an adult and are not allowed to drive at night. If you are a teenager, find out whether your state issues a learner’s permit at your age.

Where to Begin?

You need the signature of your parent or guardian on the application form so make sure you talk to them before you take this step. You simply go to the nearest DMV office and fill out the application form. They usually allow you to drive for nine months or one year under adult supervision after which you can apply for the permanent license. Till then there are certain restrictions you have to follow. You need to take the proof of your name, age, address etc to the office and fill the application.

The Test

You have to enroll in a driving course in order to get a learner’s permit. You need to show a proof of the same in the office. You may have to clear written and skill tests on later dates depending on the state you are in.  It is better to get a learner’s permit before you apply for the permanent driving license. The rules and regulations regarding learner’s permit vary from state to state. The test usually includes a computerized written test followed by a 6 hours skill test. You can take the tests on two consecutive days. In case you do not clear the test the first time, you are allowed to retake it.


Every state has set a different age for allowing learning drivers in America. Usually no relaxation is done in this regard. One has to produce their age proof and a letter of consent from their parents if they are under the age of 18 years. Photograph and thumbprint are taken at the DMV office after you fill the form and pay the fee.  Other requirements can be a proof of good health, vision test etc. In case you have a disease, a letter from the physician stating that it is safe for you to drive will also be required.

Getting a learners permit is not at all difficult and passing the test is also not a tough nut to crack. You only need to go through the handbook and try some practice papers to gain knowledge and confidence. Everyone goes through this stage in life and even though driving is a lifelong learning process, you can easily get the rights to drive without any restrictions.