Kansas Truck Driving Schools

Picking a Truck driving school in Kansas:

According to reports put out by the Department of Transportation, there is quite a deficit of qualified truck drivers.   This has motivated some trucking companies to start their own schools as well as sponsor interested applicants.  There are 15 Kansas CDL training schools - 9 of which offer postgraduate programs.  Driving programs are offered at local community colleges, technical schools and the University of Kansas.  

CDL Training in Kansas:

Drivers have to be at least 18 years old before they can apply. Applicants have to pass a written as well as driving test before they can get apply for any Kansas truck driving jobs.   Kansas is a good state for truck drivers as they can make salaries of up to $40,000 depending on their experience and seniority. Diesel mechanics can make $42,000 and above based on their experience.

Kansas CDL training schools:

The average tuition costs are $8,000 and scholarships are available for half the amount of tuition.  Scholarships are also available to deserving students. Look at schools which offer programs appropriate for the type of license you need.

There are 3 classes of license that one can pick for certification. Students can apply for loans or scholarships to get through the program.

  • Class A: Vehicles with a total weight of 26,000 lbs. and weight being towed of 10,000 lbs. and over.
  • Class B: Vehicles with a total weight of 26,000 lbs. and weight being towed of around 10,000 lbs.
  • Class C: Any vehicle or a combination of vehicles that doesn’t meet the definition of A or B.  Some of these vehicles can be used to transport passengers or hazardous materials.

Of the three, getting through the Class A license program takes the longest.  There are quite a fewmajor Kansas truck driving companies looking to hire qualified drivers.  The overall outlook for truck drivers and mechanics is positive.

Kansas Driving Schools
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List of Kansas Truck Driving Schools

Franklin College Truck Driving School

109 Roseport Rd
Ellinwood, Kansas 66024
Phone Number: 800-770-1631

Ft Scott Cc Truck Driver Trg

2108 Horton St
Fort Scott, Kansas 66701
Phone Number: 316-223-2700

K C K Community College Truck Driving School

1401 Fairfax Trafficway
Kansas City, Kansas 66115
Phone Number: 913-371-4668

U.S. Truck Driving School

7150 Kaw Dr
Kansas City, Kansas 66111
Phone Number: 800-789-7364

Southwest Kansas Tech

PO Box 1599
Liberal, Kansas 67905
Phone Number: 316-629-1615

Wichita Area Votech Truck Driver Trg

4141 N Seneca St
Wichita, Kansas 67204
Phone Number: 316-973-9282

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