An Interview with Shakira

Shakira, a well known famous music icon, great dancer, all time YouTube sensation, a philanthropist and above all, the heart throb of millions. Many queries are being submitted by her fans on the platform called moderator on YouTube including education, world cup and music. YouTube proudly presents the interview with SHAKIRA for her fans. The best voted question from the fans were selected by the YouTube and those questions were asked by Shakira in this exclusive interview. One of her fan Mohit from California asked her about the most favorite songs of her own.

Shakira shared about her upcoming album which has a collection of Latin songs, rock music and romantic songs. This album is about the various phases she underwent in her 20 years of career. It’s all about her emotions, feelings, joys and personnel moments of her life.

 She has also faced difficult moment in her musical career. She started her career in the young age of 13 in Columbia. At that time the most popular was the local tropical music being aired on radio. She had her share of struggle to start with local pop and local music which was not in the taste of people there. Shakira said, “ Being a woman in this business is not an easy thing. It was her family which supported her and her dreams.”

She released her first music album when she was just 13 years.

She spoke about education as well and how education is the key to world peace. She was motivated & enthusiastic and thus started an organization 1Goal. This organization has the motive of opening schools and colleges in those areas where there is a lack of education, poverty and conflicts.  She herself has grown in Columbia where in some parts people do not have such access to educational facilities. Her family also suffered from financial crisis even she was just of the tender age of 8. Such hardships made her strong and motivated which led her to success and such a noble person who believes in helping others.

Shakira has a link with football. We have seen her singing many football cups anthems. She was one of the part of this year`s FIFA world cup inauguration and ending ceremony. One of her fan even raised a question. “What is your opinion on FIFA putting your song as the official FIFA world cup 2010 song instead of choosing an African artist?” she replied that football is a game of integration where people of different culture participate. It was SONY who came to her to write a song for world cup. Being influenced by African culture, she took African, Caribbean and Columbian cultures to produce a multipart or integral world cultures based song for the event. In the end we can say, Shakira has won the hearts of her fans with her beauty, music and her simplicity. She is a person with noble heart and versatile talent.