Internet Business

Now days, unemployment can be found only in the dictionaries and internet-less places. By the way, every place on earth connected by telephone has at least one Internet café. The best thing that has happened in the world of commerce is Internet business. Internet has revolutionized the whole concept of self-employment and business. No longer does one have to either commute long distances to the office or travel around the world to stock supplies.

The only commuting that Eileen does in the morning is from her bedroom to her study. She switches on the computer after brushing her teeth and her office is open. She has already made sales of a few hundred dollars in those few hours that she shuts down the computer at night. She places orders for new supplies, replies to her mails and tallies her accounts from the comfort of her home-office in her cozy pajamas. Internet business has helped her realize all her dreams.

There are various types of Internet business. Some of them are:

Sale of products

Most Internet businessesare concerned with sale of products. These may be tangible like books, CDs or intangible like downloadable software. Whatever may be your product, it is vital that you undertake adequate market research before embarking on your venture. You need to find out whether there is a continuous market for your product, level of competition and practical pricing strategy.

Sale of services

This is another popular form of Internet business, wherein a person engages in providing some service to the buyer like e-tutorials, copywriting, editing and so on. These types of services are provided through the Internet. The service may even be provided at the buyer's location like pet grooming or baby-sitting.


Many people make huge amounts of money through making their sites available for advertising. However, to achieve this, you have to build a huge site and prove that there is a lot of traffic in your site.

Affiliate business

Many people make money by becoming an affiliate of another's business. These people contact lots of prospective buyers and send them to the seller's website. Once the sale is fixed, they get a percentage of the amount.

Internet business can be carried on as a full-time occupation or as a part-time hobby. For a very less capital, you can reap good profits online. The only inputs you have to put in are time and efforts.