International Company Formation

Approval of company name: Registrar, a person who registers a company, approves a company name if that is not identical, or almost identical to an existing company name. Words like bank, insurance, and group are used only if the company have special requirement for that. If a company has an objection with any new company's name, it can object it within a span of six months. Reservation of name does not come under any jurisdiction.

Registered office

The address of a company recorded in the Companies Registration Office is the registered office of that company. Most of the official mails or correspondences are sent to this address only. However, trading office address can be different to the registered office.


The shareholders or stockholders are the people who hold their share in the company's assets by investing their money in it. The shareholders have some rights like they can vote at general meetings of the company. In case of company's profitable condition they have the right to receive a dividend. They also have the right to get back their money, in case the company gets liquidated and the funds are available. They also have the power to remove the Directors of the company.

Authorized and issued share capital

Total numbers of shares that can be issued in a company are the authorized capital of the company. While, shares that are allotted for and paid by the shareholders are known as the issued share capital of the company.

Memorandum and Articles

The main and subsidiary objectives of a company are defined in the Memorandum of Association. The Memorandum represents the name of the company and sets the limited liability of the members. The internal management and the notice period required to set the meetings and the number of directors for a quorum are governed by the Articles of Association.

International company services

Corporation or limited liability Company like Offshore Incorporation is formed outside the country of particular company's residence. Nevis LLC, British Island, Belize Company, Panama IBC got Offshore Incorporation in various jurisdictions. The company gives the owner financial confidentiality as owing an offshore bank account provides easier traceability to account holder.