Institute of Chartered Accountants Sierra Leone

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sierra Leone (ICASL) was founded on 12 May 1988. Only this professional accountancy body has the authority to certify the Chartered Accountants in Sierra Leone. A member of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), ICASL sets standards of knowledge and skills of accounting professionals in the country. Currently, there are 103 registered members in the institute. The administration and management of ICASL is taken care by an 11-member Council.

There are six standing committees of the council to run the administration smoothly. The committees are:

  • Education and training committee
  • Rules and ethics committee
  • Project steering committee
  • Finance committee
  • Membership committee
  • Building committee

Eligibility of ICASL members

To become a member of ICASL, a person should have:

  • Passed qualifying tests conducted for membership
  • At least 2 years of experience with a member or organization in public practice.
  • Membership of any Society or Institute of Accountants approved under set of laws made by the Council

Responsibilities of ICASL

Major responsibilities of ICASL consist of:

  • Maintaining the Register of Fellows, Associates designated as Accountants and Auditors in Sierra Leone
  • Implementing the provisions of the establishment Act
  • Standardize and manage accounting profession in the country
  • Ensuring highest quality in the field of accounting, auditing and financial management.

The institute also conducts Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Events which the members have to undertake to retain their membership with ICASL. The members gain units while attending numerous professional and social activities such as seminars, technical sessions, annual dinner and official recognition ceremony, the beach party, and official lunches. The members have to gain at least 40 units every year.