Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal

 In 1997 a national professional accounting body was founded in Nepal known as Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal. It has been formed under special act which is Nepal Chartered Accountants Act and aims to bring faith, social awareness towards accounting profession who indirectly contributes to development of economy in Nation.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal started admissions in 1999 and first chartered accountant qualified from this institute in December of year 2003. Then in year 2012 there were 150 chartered accountants and at present around 620 chartered accountants are pursing in this institute.

While its vision and mission is to be an identified accounting institute that produces students with leadership standards, quality education and self-regulation from Nepal. Its objective is to turn-out standard education in professional way to accounting professionals which should be relevant to International norms along with practice so that they will be a respectful accountant professional.

Institute of chartered accountants of Nepal has classified committees in two types that are Standing Committee and Non-Standing Committee. Standing committee has been divided into following committees:

  •  Executive Committee
  • Professional Development Committee
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Examination Committee

Non-standing committee is again a group of following committees:

  •  Editorial Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Continuing Professional Education Committee
  • IFRS & ISA Implementation Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Scholarship Selection Committee
  • Expert Advisory Committee
  • Information Technology Committee
  • Small and Medium Practice (SMP) Committee
  • Monitoring Committee
  • Recruitment Committee
  • Committee for Member in Industry
  • Career Counseling Committee
  • Research & Development Committee
  • Building Committee

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal offers chartered accountancy course in three levels as follows:

  •  CAP - I - 8 Months.
  • CAP - II - 1 Year.
  • CAP -III - 3 Years (includes practical training).

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal address is

Address: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal,

Babar Mahal, Kathmandu

Post Box No: 5289

Telephone numbers: 4269130, 4258569, 2030021

Fax: 4258568