Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ghana

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ghana was recognized by an Act of parliament, Act 170, in 1963 and it is a professional accountancy organization in Ghana. This institute is the sole body charged in Ghana with the regulation of the Chartered Accountant designation, and with the right to award the accountancy profession in Ghana. It is the member of two international organizations such as association of Accountancy bodies in West Africa and international federation of accountants. And this institute of chartered accountants of Ghana is also managed by a council of 11 members who are chartered accountants.

        The Council, controlled by a President, holds office for a period of two years. Members of this institute are the only persons recognized under the Companies Code (Act 179) 1963, for the intention of survey of company accounts in Ghana.

         Currently this institute runs two different programs, which are the Professional program and the Technician program (Accounting Technician Scheme West Africa). In which a student who successfully achieves the Professional program and gain a work experience in accountancy, then only approved by the council of the institute.

Syllabus for ICAG (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ghana):

Part 1

  • 1.1 Financial Accounting Fundamentals    
  • 1.2 Business Management    
  • 1.3 Economics    
  • 1.4 Management Information systems  

Part 2    

  • 2.1    Quantitative Techniques in Business
  • 2.2    Audit & Internal Review   
  • 2.3    Business & Corporate Law    
  • 2.4    Principles & Practice of Taxation  

Part 3       

  • 3.1    Financial Reporting    
  • 3.2    Public Sector Accounting    
  • 3.3    Cost & Management Accounting    
  • 3.4    Financial Management  

Part 4      

  • 4.1    Advanced Financial Reporting    
  • 4.2    Advanced Audit & Professional Ethics    
  • 4.3    Corporate Strategy & Governance    
  • 4.4    Advanced Tax Planning & Fiscal Policy               
Contact details for the institute of chartered accountants of Ghana:

P. O. Box 4268,
Accra, Ghana.
Tel: 666954/5; 669591/2,
Fax: 669594,,