Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia

The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, the professional accounting body that represents Chartered Accountants in Australia has more than 61,000 members and around 12,000 students. The other two major legally recognized Professional Accountancy bodies in Australia are Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) and CPA Australia. The Institute of Chartered Accountants focuses on the theory and practice of accounting. The institute meets its goal through education, training and maintaining a high standard of professional conduct. The Institute's Online Knowledge Centre catalogue has thousands of high quality books and more than 80 journals. The international accounting bodies of the leading financial centers of the world appreciate Chartered Accountants from Australia.

       Achieve the prestigious Chartered Accountants designation in Australia and access a wide variety of international career opportunities. You can also enjoy the benefits of the institute's membership of GAA, the collaboration of more than 800,000 of the outstanding accounting professionals in the world. You can achieve recognition in any of the GAA countries too!

        Only highly qualified and ethical accounting professionals get the hallmark of the Chartered Accountants designation. This profession has a high esteem among business, regulators, and members of the public.

Who can attain the membership of Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia?

  • Those who have successfully complete the Chartered Accountants program
  • Members of an overseas Accounting Body, recognized by the Institute
  • Teachers of accountancy can also apply, if they meet the eligibility criteria

The Chartered Accountants Program has two major sections:

The first section covers the postgraduate accounting qualifications, (GradDipCA) - the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting. The second section is practice under the guidance of a mentor. This combination moulds the new generation of Chartered Accountants with excellent technical skills and professional competence.