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Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working. - Pablo Picasso

As Africans Americans we often think about the tragic stories associated with our lineage, but there are a lot of triumphs. Traveling helps you learn about other aspects of our history, like the story of Christ the Redeemer. It's empowering and inspiring. - Laz Alonso, Actor

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A lot of songs are derivative of each other. Sometimes you need to take a departure from what you do to something that's slightly different in order to get inspiration. - Tori Amos, Musician

Before I do anything, I think, well what hasn't been seen. Sometimes, that turns out to be something ghastly and not fit for society. And sometimes that inspiration becomes something that's really worthwhile. - Jim Carrey

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Inspiration is a farce that poets have invented to give themselves importance. - Jean Anouilh , Playwright

I love HGTV. I love working on my house and have really been bit by the 'luxury remodeling' bug. 'Million Dollar Rooms,' 'Million Dollar Listing'... any show that can give me design inspiration, I soak it in and try my hand at it. Home Depot is my second home! - Laz Alonso, Actor

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I want to be an inspirational model. I want people to look at me and say, 'Wow, she looks healthy.' - Ireland Baldwin, Model

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Writers are socially observant. We find people endlessly fascinating, and real life is mysterious. Sometimes it's hard to stop staring at the strut and squawk of my fellow man. They can be quite inspiring. Sometimes it's hard to stop talking to them to see what in the world they're thinking. - Julianna Baggott, Novelist

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When Lady Gaga says I am her inspiration, you reach kids between 12 and 18. Now I am like a brand - jeans, Coca-Cola. - Marina Abramovic, Artist

While I take inspiration from the past, like most Americans, I live for the future. - Ronald Reagan, President

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Even the most cynical can hardly be surprised by the antics of Nixon and his accomplices as they are gradually revealed. It matters little, at this point, where the exact truth lies in the maze of perjury, evasion, and of contempt for the normal - hardly inspiring - standards of political conduct. - Noam Chomsky

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I love finding out-of-the-box inspirations and blending them with what I've done in the past. And when I started to experiment with genres, it didn't sound forced. Maybe that's because it's all music that I listened to growing up, and it's all music that I love. - Avicii, Swedish Musician

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I love watching old sitcoms. It's very inspiring to watch 'Mary Tyler Moore' and 'Golden Girls.' I have watched them over and over again for years. - Valerie Azlynn, Actress

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My reason and inspiration to lose weight and stay fit is my youngest son, Anant, who is fighting obesity. I would like to be an example for him. - Nita Ambani, Businesswoman

A memoir should have some uplifting quality, inspiring or illuminating, and that's what separates a life story that can influence other people. - Mitch Albom , Writer

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Sachin has been an integral part of Mumbai Indians and a source of inspiration for the team ever since the inception. - Nita Ambani, Businesswoman

Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working. - Pablo Picasso

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Inspiration, in its rich variety, must be present in any discussion about Africa. We need role models - they are essential to the advancement of our society. - Richard Attias, Businessman

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My friends are a huge part of my inspiration. - Waris Ahluwalia , Designer

My inspiration is always love and history, and my passion to a fault is craftsmanship and responsibility. Those are the simplest things. It goes beyond jewelry. It's every part of my life. - Waris Ahluwalia , Designer

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My inspiration is love and history. - Waris Ahluwalia , Designer

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The popularity of the Internet and using it as an available resource has really changed the way chefs kind of gather information and look for inspiration. To me, a food trend is potentially a lot of people following an idea. - Grant Achatz, Chef

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It was amazing and inspiring to see so many people come together through music to aid the great state of Vermont. - Trey Anastasio, Musician

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Roosevelt's declaration that Americans had 'nothing to fear but fear itself' was a glorious piece of inspirational rhetoric and just as gloriously wrong. - Russell Baker, Journalist

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Barbie has always been an inspiration. Dressing her was part of ever girl's dream. - Reem Acra, Designer

At some point, I went to the studio and nothing happened. It can be really depressing to sit there and wait for the inspiration that doesn't come. I had to start recording rough song ideas before going to the studio. I did that at home whenever I had a good idea. - Apparat , Musician

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A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand. Is not the mountain far more awe-inspiring and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley than to those who inhabit the mountain? - Kahlil Gibran

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I defied nothing at all. I ignored the law because I didn't know it existed. It didn't occur to me that anyone would want to curb my inspiration. - Margaret Anderson, Editor

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In terms of the organic feel and the love for noises, I definitely feel more connected to Four Tet and Fennesz, as any dance floor artist. I do like some dancey stuff like Martyn when I DJ, but I draw my inspiration from other things. - Apparat , Musician

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We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival - Winston Churchill, Statesman

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It wasn't until I was in my teens that I started admiring writers as inspirations for my own work, and my earliest influences there were Stephen King, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Richard Adams. - Kelley Armstrong , Writer

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I don't think of anyone as a 'groupie.' People who connect with my music are just inspiring and amazing. - Banks, Musician

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My friends are my inspiration, and all of them are true friends that support me. On a daily basis, I know that I have my friends to rely on. - Reem Acra, Designer

Sometimes you need to take a departure from what you do to something that's slightly different in order to get inspiration. - Tori Amos, Musician

I go to a lot of stand-up comedy. I find more inspiration from observational stuff than from rap. - Riz Ahmed , Musician

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I'd seen the current stage production and the 1975 production of Chicago. I liked them both very much, but I didn't use them necessarily as inspiration. - Colleen Atwood, Designer

Inspiration comes from everywhere: books, art, people on the street. It is an interior process for me. - Colleen Atwood, Designer

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It's so inspiring to be around other people who have ideas you haven't thought of, and all of a sudden you're like, 'Wow! That's so amazing!' I definitely want everything I do to just get better and better. - Banks, Musician

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I like to say magic is the world's second oldest profession, a mystical and often awe-inspiring spectacle that, throughout the ages, has blended superstition, trickery and religion. - Criss Angel, Entertainer

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Every song you're trying to find something that going to connect in different ways but for me the songs that I'm really drawn to are inspirational, songs that lift you and that everybody can relate to no matter where you're from. - Rodney Atkins, Musician

Running fills a need so we make fewer demands on others. Running reveals the roots of negative thinking, so the weeds can be pulled. Running reconnects the soul to the source, inspiring hope and creativity. - Kristin Armstrong , Athlete

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Kristen Bell is rare as an actress, because she's the type of actor who jumps out of a plane without a parachute - from a totally fearless place, which is really refreshing and inspiring. - Steve Antin , Actor

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I decided that it was not wisdom that enabled poets to write their poetry, but a kind of instinct or inspiration, such as you find in seers and prophets who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean. - Socrates, Philosopher

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Wayfarer is built on the idea that we can actually make a huge difference by creating entertainment and television and digital and branded content with a message. It doesn't always have to be really, really inspiring or really earnest. We call it chocolate-covered broccoli. - Justin Baldoni, Actor

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I actually didn't listen to the Beatles song 'Nowhere Man' when I was writing my book of the same name. What I listened to a lot was 'Abbey Road.' Its disjointedness and its readiness to confuse only to delight were inspiring to me. - Aleksandar Hemon

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One of my inspirations, Harry Houdini, remains an icon of the art because he defied our primal fears. His demonstrations in the early 20th century, especially his escape from the Chinese water torture cell, represented triumph over suffocation, drowning, disorientation and helplessness. - Criss Angel, Entertainer

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Inspiration doesn't really work like that - you're not looking out for it. Inspiration is something that tends to capture you rather than you capture it. - Joan Armatrading , Musician

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Time has been transformed, and we have changed; it has advanced and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration. - Kahlil Gibran

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It is a fact often observed, that men have written good verses under the inspiration of passion, who cannot write well under other circumstances. - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poet

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So, the combination of looking at lots of different people and how they react to each other and how they relate to each other and waiting for that inspiration is the thing that allows me to keep writing. - Joan Armatrading , Musician

In life you need either inspiration or desperation. - Tony Robbins, Author

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Maybe it was the challenge of flight, the opportunity to fly, the competition of summer camp and the inspiration and discipline of West Point. I think all of those things helped me to develop a dedication and inspired me to get ahead. - Buzz Aldrin , Astronaut

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I think there would be no shortage of applicants to the government astronaut corps to be settlers on the planet Mars. And I think this would be very inspiring. - Buzz Aldrin , Astronaut

Absolutely the United States should lead in space, for the survival of the United States. It's inspiring for the next generation. If we lose leadership, then we'll be using Chinese capability to inspire Americans. - Buzz Aldrin , Astronaut

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The biggest benefit of Apollo was the inspiration it gave to a growing generation to get into science and aerospace. - Buzz Aldrin , Astronaut

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