Information Services

Information Services”. Since I belong to that cult of always curious people, I bore into my computer to find out what was that “Information Services” she was talking about..And lo! I found hosts of sites that provided “Information Services” to its visitors.

Let me jot down for you the various information services you can find:

If you are of my generation where information services meant a service that provided information about your area of concern, then there is good news. It still means the same thing. The only difference being it is now available only inside the box that stares back at you! Today, “Information Services” includes all those facilities that can help you finish your work in a click. The best example you can relate with is, of course, getting your flight tickets in a simple click. If that is pretty normal for you, then consider this – you can access your college library sitting right at your home and enjoying the temple of knowledge at your finger tip! Perhaps, this is what my neighbour meant when she declared this is “Information Services”.

If you thought information services only meant library books and flight tickets, then you are terribly wrong! When my curiosity about this word took the better of me, I browsed through all the sites that were thrown at my face by the search engine. Information services can include everything under the sun! I found a site that called itself the information services for knowledge about oceans. Though I was least interested in finding more about the ocean life (I am too bogged down by earthly life!), I was pleased to realise that what a mine of knowledge it would for the ocean-enthusiasts! As if by cue, I immediately stumbled upon a site that claimed to be information services for anything related to the computers! Now this is some information service that can change my life. Because being a part of the minority group who think laptops are necessary evils, that information service can spell success for me whenever my laptop breaks down. By the way, did I tell you it is my neighbour’s 15-year old teenager who troubleshoots my laptop whenever it goes down

Now for all those who already knew what Information services mean and would like to learn more, there is some great news. You actually have courses in information services! That means you can spend your whole life in providing Information services on how to troubleshoot my laptop! Jokes apart, courses in information services teach some pretty technical stuff that will definitely help you designing better and better information services that works better for laymen like me. If that is your passion, then you are in luck. Best colleges in our country provide numerous courses in information services that can give your career the boost it needs.

It is really amazing how computers have evolved our world. I often feel evolving from the Stone Age to the present man is less dramatic than the evolvement we had in information services at the library to the information services at the library through the internet. Perhaps computers and more precisely, internet is the greatest invention of the mankind. That is what has enabled the word “Information Services” mean so much to so many people. For example, thanks to the information services that my preferred airline provides through internet, I will be able to catch my flight tomorrow. In other words, information services in this age are a synonym for comfort in your work, no matter what sphere you work on. As for computer illiterates like me, information services would translate to ease in your struggle against this stubborn screen staring at me. But now, thanks to information services, I can smile away all my pains!