Human Resources

How to make your employees love Monday mornings!

When employees come late to office on Mondays, they say it’s “Monday blues”, but for the Human Resources, it is better to be named “Alarm bells”. Because “Monday blues” diagnosis gives only one reason: your organization is definitely not the best place to work at! Do you want to make your company the most enjoyable place to work at? Then it’s time for the department of human resources to gear up for the challenge. The tips below may help to arm your self better!

Declare employees, not the client, the King…for a change!

No, we are not asking you to abandon your clients! We are only asking you to respect your employees also. This is a major problem area that human resources should look into. Most of the employees are treated as dirt when they seek their rights. The employee almost always feels cheated with the policies we make for them. It’s time human resources consider giving them a breath of fresh air. Simple tricks would do most part of it. For example, providing company cabs for the employees transport as complimentary or minimum cost would be a very comfortable experience for the employees. Or a better cafeteria that serves the best of eateries would be an enriching experience for them. These are some small things that can make a big difference.

Fill the office with fun!

Making an office a fun place is worth a thousand times better than just giving a fat salary. Human resources would do well if major fun activities at regular intervals are organized that would be a break from the routine work that an individual faces in the office. The human resources department can organize lunch parties or picnics that would be a great stress reliever. A very good idea of increasing the enjoyment would be including the family. Human resources should understand that when we organize such parties we are actually asking the employees devote extra personal time from their daily life. Including the family would be an excellent incentive to take part in the event!

When employee gets more than his salary!

It is very essential for the human resources to understand that it is not just the monthly pay check that a new recruit looks in to when he/she joins your organization. They look forward for ways of personal and professional growth in your company. And human resources are the only department that can make this happen. Giving various certifications and trainings to your employees is a marvellous way of keeping them happy. Not only are you making them better skilled, you are actually increasing the dedication as they feel obliged for making them evolve better professionals.

Open house-the most admired house!

The human resources should take care of the fact that employees have various grievances that needs to be looked into. Two things matter a lot in this condition. One is the accessibility of the department. It is very important that the human resources should be approachable. Apart from human resources, individuals in higher posts who have people reporting them should be very approachable. This would immensely increase the confidence among the employees. Second essential thing that would make lot of impact on the employee mindset is how effectively he is heard. Taking care of their problems and following up on it would be a gesture that can spell magic in the organization. The employees feeling of being heard is pat on the back for the human resources. In this competitive world, where the department of human resources is forced to make policies that essentially go against the spirit of companionship and the hence becomes one of the important of reasons of attrition, it is time human resources realise what they stand for: for humans who work in your organization….come, lets make Monday the best day for our employees!