Freelancer Contracts

Outsourcing means having work executed or hiring services from an external service provider instead of relying on one’s own wherewithal.

Freelancers are people who function independently for any outsourcing company. Freelancers set their own schedules, work flexible hours, and are their own boss.

Freelancer Qualities:

Disciplined: A freelancer should adhere to a strict work schedule. He should be able to meet deadlines and targets. Dedicated:Freelancers should respect their work and deliver on commitments. They should focus on their task and stay motivated.

Hard working:Freelancers should be willing to go the extra mile and work without interruptions to meet taxing workloads.

Enthusiastic:Freelancers’ writing should reflect their enthusiasm for work.

Positive attitude: Rejection and failure is a part and parcel of a freelance career, and one look forward with a cheerful outlook.

Flexible: Freelancers should be open to doing all work and not restrict themselves to one market.

Marketing ability: Freelancers should be able to successfully promote themselves and their writing abilities.In essence, freelancers should create the right working environment at home to embark upon a challenging career.


A contract is central to closing a deal with a client. A contract is a legal document signed by both the client and freelancer.

A contract is entered into on the Nth day of Month, Year, by and between Client and Contractor and it usually contains the following provisions:

Work:The freelancer should contribute written articles or text of approximately _____ words. The work should be adequate in form and content and should measure up to the client’s specifications. The client reserves the right to edit the work and the freelancer assists the client in reviewing or rephrasing the article where required.

Due Date: The contractor will finish and submit the work by ____. The work is conditional on the client's approval.

The client should decline the article within ____ days and should inform the contractor within ___ days of receiving the work that the article should be suitably edited or reworked. Edited work should be presented to the client within ___ days of receipt from the client.

Reassignments: The client, at any time and for any reason, can reassign a part of the work to someone else by giving the contractor a notice of ___ days. Then the freelancer’s total compensation is proportionately reduced.

Payment: Once the article is accepted, the freelancer will be paid $_____ per ____ words. Some clients pay at the rate of $___/hour or settle for a flat fee. Payments are usually made fortnightly or monthly.

Ownership of Rights: The contractor transfers all rights in the article to the client who owns full and exclusive rights to the published work.

Confidentiality: All information relating to the work is strictly confidential and the contractor agrees to maintain the confidentiality of such information. The contractor agrees not to reveal such information to any third party or use it for his own benefit.

Warranty: The freelancer should guarantee that all work presented by him is original and not lifted from any sources. It should not violate any prevalent rules or laws.

Taxes:Since the Freelancer is not an employee, he is liable to pay all taxes as required for getting payments under the contract.

Term: The term of the Freelancer’s agreement starts on the date hereof and shall continue until the requirements are fulfilled.

Records:All notes and records pertaining to the work should be made accessible to the client on request.

Reimbursement: The client will reimburse the contractor for any necessary expense incurred in putting together the article, up to $____. All original receipts must be handed over to the client.

General: The contractor agrees to the terms and conditions of the contract, which is governed by the laws of the state of _

A contract safeguards both parties’ interests and is a professional means of doing business.