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The first rule of personal finance is that it's not personal and it's not financial. It's about your ability to make ten changes and not get too depressed over it. - James Altucher, Author

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The people who don't know personal finance have TV shows about it. - James Altucher, Author

The people who know personal finance hide the money very carefully. - James Altucher, Author

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If it isn't the sheriff, it's the finance company; I've got more attachments on me than a vacuum cleaner. - John Barrymore, Actor

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There is a growing literature about the multitude of journalism's problems, but most of it is concerned with the editorial side of the business, possibly because most people competent to write about journalism are not comfortable writing about finance. - Russell Baker, Journalist

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Finance, like time, devours its own children. - Honore de Balzac

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Watch your finances like a hawk. - H. Jackson Brown‚ Jr.

I wanted to make Jerusalem as feature film. But we couldn't finance it only through theatrical release, we couldn't get all the money we needed. We had to get some money from television. So we said, ok, let's do it both ways. So we did it in four parts. - Bille August, Danish Director

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The war we are fighting today against terrorism is a multifaceted fight. We have to use every tool in our toolkit to wage this war - diplomacy, finance, intelligence, law enforcement, and of course, military power - and we are developing new tools as we go along. - Richard Armitage , Politician

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Skating, I think I was told once, is the second most expensive sport. My family's had to refinance three times - they really want to do anything that it takes for my dreams to come true. I hope to one day have a family that I can do that for and kind of give back in the same way that my family gave to me. - Jeremy Abbott, Athlete

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I learned to be a hot-air balloon pilot to take tourists over the Masai Mara Reserve in order to earn some money and finance the work I was doing with my wife, Anne. We were studying the life of a family of lions for more than two years. Taking pictures was a way to capture information we could not put in words. - Yann Arthus-Bertrand , Photographer

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In 1989, I started the National Association of Business Women. We incorporated microfinance and different job training for women. We did a survey, with USAID, that found women lacked training, credit and information. - Joyce Banda, Politician

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The holidays are also a time when people freak out about their finances. If you don't want to spend the money, why not try some of the other options instead of killing a bunch of animals? - Christina Applegate , Actress

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I've never preached one sermon on money, on just finances. I want to stay away from it. - Joel Osteen

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The reason that minorities and women don't have a better shot at getting elected to the Senate or to statewide office is because the campaign finance rules are so skewed as to make it very difficult for non-traditional candidates to raise the money necessary to get elected. - Carol Moseley Braun

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