Driving Test Requirements

If you want to get driver’s license in America, there is a general process that you must follow which includes a theory as well as practical test. Every state has slight changes in the rules but the basic requirements are the same.

Initial Requirements

When you visit the DMV office for the first time, there are a few requirements you must fulfill. Firstly, you have to fill the application form. If you are age is below 18 years, you will need the signature of your parent or guardian too.  You must bring your SSN card with you along with the proofs of your signature and date of birth. You may also be asked for your address proof to make sure that you are a resident of the state. It is best to carry your passport to fulfill these requirements. Apart from the documents, you need to carry your check book or cash to pay the fee.

What You Require for the Test?

When you appear for the test, make sure you have the application form completed and duly signed. In case you have any health challenge, you will need a clearance letter from a physician stating that you are fit to drive. You must be having a learner’s permit and a qualified sponsor should be with you. A qualified sponsor is an adult who has minimum 1 year driving experience, a valid driving license and is more than 21 years of age. You also need a vehicle as per the requirements below and lastly you must bring the fee.

What Kind of Vehicle You Require for the Test?

The vehicle used for the test should meet the basic safety guidelines. It should have two license plates and the current registration should be clearly displayed on the rear plate. The vehicle must have a well functioning horn, turn lights, brake lights, clear windshield, the right break pressure, parking break, flawless tires, safety belts, both rear view mirrors etc.

The vehicle will also be checked for the following:

  • The window on the driver’s side must roll down.
  • Both the front doors must open both from the inside of the vehicle as well as from the outside.
  • The glove compartment should be tightly closed.
  • The passenger should be properly attached.

You also need to take the financial responsibility for the vehicle in case any accidents take place. The vehicle used should be insured and you must have its documented proof when you appear for the driving test. The document should have the insurance policy number/surety bond number. An assigned risk insurance card or rental car contract for rented car should be produced before the test. You can also use self insurance option where you get a certificate/acknowledgment of cash deposit from DMV itself.