Drivers License Written Test

Drivers’ license written test is an important step in getting the license in USA.  Apart from the required documentation, there are two tests that you need to pass in order to get a drivers’ license in the US. The first test is the written test that tests your knowledge and the second one is the road test that tests your skill as well.

What Comprises the Written Test?

To prepare for the drivers license written test, you need to know the basic rules and regulations. This includes the knowledge of traffic signs, laws related to driving and rules related to safety etc. A driver’s handbook is available which is comprehensive of everything you need to know for the written test. There will be about 46 questions out of which 39 need to be answered correctly. If you fail at the test once, you get two more chances to pass it again. On failing three times in a row, you need to keep a gap of one week before taking the test again.

The Prerequisites

To start with, you need to take appointment and visit the DMV office for filing the application. You also need to submit the fee at this time. You must carry a proof of your date of birth and your SSN. The identification process involves presentation of your original passport, an on the spot photograph and thumb impression which is take in the DMV office itself. After this, a vision test is done before the written test. You are given three chances to pass the written exam by scoring 70 or more points out of 100.

How to Prepare for the Written Test?

The most important tip to prepare for your drivers’ license written test is to begin when there is still time. This way you do not get stressed at the last moment. You only need to go through the handbook once but will full concentration. There is no need to cram everything because it does not help much in the exam. Use your common sense and try to remember what you read. It is a good idea to try a few practice tests online before attempting a real one. These tests will prepare you emotionally as well.

It is important that the test is approached with a healthy state of mind. This means you should not get anxious and what would give you more confidence than preparing well? You can set a schedule for studying every section of the handbook and follow the schedule to complete the study well in time. After this, you can simply try some practice tests to revise and learn from the mistakes you make. Remember to sleep well before night so that you stay calm and perform well.