Consumer Goods Technology

Various efficient and cost effective consumer goods technologies are offered by companies to help consumer goods manufacturers in dealing with multiple challenges from powerful retailers, well-informed consumers, competitive market, and corporate laws and legislation.

Consumer Goods Technologies offered by different companies to consumer goods industry:

Manugistics Group, Inc.

The company is a leading global provider of synchronized supply chain and revenue management solutions, offers overall transportation management solutions as well as the customer service for supply chain planning categories in consumer goods industry. The client list of the company include leading consumer goods company such as Boeing, Canadian

Tire, Cingular, Circuit City, Coca-Cola Bottling, Coty International, DHL, Diageo, Dixons, DuPont, Eurostar Group Ltd., Georgia-Pacific, Great North Eastern Railway (GNER), and Harley-Davidson.

The supply-chain and revenue management solutions offered by the company help its clients in achieving improved forecast, accurate inventory. While pricing and yield management solutions maximize their profits by maintaining optimum supply for constantly changing demand.


The company offers supply chain and sales and marketing solutions to its consumer goods companies. The solutions offered include Enterprise application (SCM/CRM/ERP), POS systems, Data Management (EAI/ETL), Customer analytics and Collaboration Solutions.

Supply chain planning solutions help in inventory optimization and warehouse management. Sales and Marketing solutions help its clients in dealing with consumer needs. Customer Lifecycle Management helps in managing customer relationships at every point in the lifecycle. Customer Loyalty helps in increase revenues and expanding customer base. Customer Data Management helps processing data of various customers and integrating POS data in a single view. Customer Analytics helps in identifying customer behavior and search out for different ways to get more customer profitability.


Logility is a leading provider of collaborative supply chain planning solutions to consumer goods companies including Bissell, Huhtamaki UK, Katun Corporation, McCain Foods, Mill's Pride, Pernod Ricard, and Rand McNally. Logility Voyager Solutions have performance monitoring capacity in single-Internet based architecture and offer high visibility in supply chain management. The solutions also provide effective demand, inventory and replenishment planning, optimization of supply and global sourcing, and effective manufacturing planning and scheduling.


TCS has developed a service delivery platform on Microsoft® Connected Services Framework that makes the best use of technology and helps its customer, including retail and consumer goods companies, in achieving success in the market. The solution helps companies in adding new services quickly, managing their services across various networks and devices, and meeting objectives of earning more revenues. It also helps its clients in making supply chain management more efficient, calculating accurate product-mix forecast, and in maintaining good relationships with their customers.