Consumer Goods And Services

Consumer goods are type final goods which can be consumed by humans or consumers to satisfy his wants or needs like food and clothing.

There are various types of consumer goods such as:

Durable goods: Goods which can be used for long period of time or duration such as consumer electronics, furniture, utensils etc are known as durable goods.

Semi-durable goods: Goods which can be used by consumers for a limited period of time and for some multiple occasions such as cloths, footwears, artificial jewellery etc. are called semi-durable goods.

List of some leading companies providing consumer goods:

General Electric: The company offers a range of consumer goods and services such as consumer appliances, lighting products for home improvement etc.

Unilever: The company offers a range of food products, home care products, and personal care products such as tea, Dove cleansing soap.

Union Metal Plastic Factory: The company manufactures a range of lighting products such as rechargeable fluorescent lamps, lanterns, portable lites, torches, and automobile accessories.

Masco Corporation: The company offers both consumer goods and services for the home and family. The consumer services offered by the company include installation of insulation and other building products.

Consumer services:

Consumer services are some duties, helps, and professional activities provided by the consumer services providers to consumers to satisfy their need.

Types of consumer services:

Beauty, transportation, communication, appliances installations, postal services etc.

List of some leading companies providing consumer services are:

United States Postal Service: It provides various consumer services including getting a passport, and changing of address.

Frost & Sullivan: The company has examined the US consumer industry and offers a range of communication services divided into Wireline voice services including local, long distance, Entertainment services including cable and DBS offers, and Internet access services.

Johnson & Johnson: The company is a biggest and broadly expanded manufacturer of health-care products and also provides health care and personal care services worldwide

Growth in US International Trade in Consumer Goods and Services, 2007:

According to the US Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, total exports of Consumer goods and services in May, 2007, of $132.0 billion and imports of $192.1 billion has been increased with deficit of $60.0 billion as compare to deficit amount of $58.7 in April, 2007.

The increase has been found to be of $1.7 billion in consumer goods and $0.3 billion in consumer services.