Consumer Goods Research

Consumer goods research is done to provide and analyze information on consumer lifestyles, consumer goods, foodservice, consumer credit, consumer electronics etc. The company doing research can select any market research technique including focus groups, in-home at the point of use, hall tests or in-store interviews according to its requirement. The research report will provide clear and commercial recommendations to improve sales and profitability of consumer goods industry.

Consumer spending and shopping trends report:

The research done by ChangeWave Alliance finds consumer spending and digital lifestyle spending on home media center devices and high definition televisions. The company used ChangeWave Research Methodology and a total of 2,010 members participated in the survey.


The research report answers various questions including the increase in overall spending in the next 90 days, the amount that consumers will pay on over the next 90 days, the services (in between personal gadgets and home entertainment) that consumers will plan to add over the next six months, the amount that consumers are spending on home media devices, and the outlook for HDTV.

Further, the research report will find out the outlook for consumer spending on home repair, travel, and consumer electronics.

American Living - US

The research done by Mintel, titled "American Living in 2006," provide information regarding the spending behavior of American people in consumer goods market. The report is based on four themes such as Tech early adopters, Healthy eating-Good intentions flirt with reality, LGBT spending power gains recognition, "Natural" personal care market flourishes in FDM. Tech Early Adopters:

The theme presents data on ten tech-related products and analyzes the primary, secondary, and tertiary buyers of those products. The ten tech - related products include bluetooth-enabled cell phones, camcorder/video cameras, desktop computers, downloading of songs from the Internet, DVRs, flat-screen TVs, front-projection TVs, laptop computers, and portable digital music MP3 players.

The analysis of numbers of buyers is done on the basis of demographic factors including age, income, and race/ethnicity.

Healthy Eating-Good Intentions Flirt with Reality

The theme covers data based on various food and beverages research reports. It presents information on the type of trends in new products having nutritional awareness, on DIY dieting, and differentiates between health eating and indulgent eating.

LGBT Spending Power Gains Recognition

The theme analysis spending power of the U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.The survey conducted on the LGBT community shows that the LGBTs are extremely brand-loyal, and extremely responsive. The theme recommends various ways of how consumer goods companies can grab a share of the gay dollar in their profits.

"Natural" Personal Care Market Flourishes in FDM

The theme presents information on various ways that FDM channels use to position natural care products for mainstream consumers. Market size data of natural personal care products including body care, oral hygiene, shampoo and conditioner, and soap, bath and shower is used to produce results.