Consumer Goods Reports

Consumer goods market reports provide details of product trends and latest happenings in consumer goods industry. The reports provide information on consumer lifestyles, consumer credit, consumer electronics etc. The reports also provide consumer behavior in different countries and profiles of various companies including their new offerings and latest activities.

Some of the consumer goods reports are presented:

Nestlé Partners' Blend case study: The report provides insight to business practices used by leading companies in the industry. The report focuses on the marketing of fair-trade product by main stream brands. It gives information on specific areas for operational improvements and provides knowledge of experienced companies to new companies planning to enter in the market.

Tesco case study: non-foods hold the key to Tesco future growth strategy:

The report comes in a form of case study which focuses on non-foods products holding future growth plans of the company. The report also presents the launch of Tesco Direct by the company, showing its competitive edge in the market.

How To Create Brand Loyalty Among Todays Consumers

The report is based on multi-nation consumer survey emphasizing on the importance of customer retention in the market. It stresses on making deep brand loyalty as an ideal goal of any marketer, for maintaining link between loyal customers and increased profitability. The report deals with major real world brand purchase issues related to adapting leading academic frameworks. Finally, it presents strategies to handle innovation and marketing issues.

Consumer Electronics in Russia

The report provides information on the trends in market performance, highlights growth sectors and identifies brand leaders in the market. The report covers products like in-car consumer electronics, in-home consumer electronics and portable consumer electronics.

China Apparel Retail Analysis (2007-2008)

The report based on China apparel and Textile Industry helps clients in analyzing the opportunities, challenges to the growth in the industry. It presents detail information on various market segments. The report shows that the Chinese apparel industry had gain US$ 100 in 2007 over 2006 showing 9.46% in 2007. The main dominating segment is found to be female apparel in the industry. Finally, it shows the changing behavior of the consumers.

The methods used for implementing report include Ratio Analysis, Historical Trend Analysis, Linear Regression Analysis using software tools, and Cause and Effect Analysis.

In addition, the report includes working strategies of leading Chinese apparel companies such as Youngor Group, ROMON Group Co., Ltd., Giordano International Limited, BAOXINIAO Group, and Weiqiao Textile Company Limited.