Consumer Goods Industry

The consumer goods industry is a set of consumer behaviors rather than a particular brand or item. Companies involved in the industry are known as consumer goods manufacturers who design, manufacture, and sell products including consumer electronics, market apparel, cleaning products, hand and power tools, and home furniture. The industry can be best defined by term 'replenishment' on frequent or regular terms. The items manufactured by this industry are consumable in a span of time based on their existence and on the innovativeness.

Foods items are perishable in nature and items like cell phones make their existence till the new versions are launched in the market.

The industry is facing many internal and external pressures from powerful retailers, consumers, markets, and corporate legislation. Internally, in supply chain management efficient sourcing decision should be taken and scrap should be reduced. In manufacturing, operational efficiency and employee productivity should be improved. Information technology should be applied for the standardization and consolidation of server assets, to increase reusability, and an infrastructure should be used to protect and maximize key databases and information assets. Efforts should be taken to meet customer needs and requirement.



Offers Enterprise Application including SCM, CRM, ERP, POS System, Data Management (EAI/ETL), Customer Analytics, Collaboration Solutions, RFID Middleware, and Legacy Re-engineering to drive top-line and bottom-line growth. The Supply Chain solutions offered by the company have helped its clients in improving operational efficiencies for our clients while its Sales & Marketing solutions have helped in increasing the power & profitability of their brands and customer focus.


Lowry offers media, ribbons, print heads and related services, and is a largest provider of 24x7 technical support. Its unparalleled access to bar coding, wireless technologies and support help its customer in the consumer products industry to make their supply-chain management efficient.

The bar-code printing systems help in reducing inventory make product handling efficient, give more accurate shipments, and also help in making vendor-customer relationship more error-free.


Cactus offers a range of solutions including e-commerce, trading partner integration and management (TPI), and enterprise application integration (EAI) to help consumer goods manufacturer work efficiently.

E-commerce (E-COM): The E-COM solutions provide a common platform to implement, integrate, and support the online initiatives of the consumer goods manufacturers.

Trading Partner Integration and Management (TPI):

TPI solutions support the electronic exchange of business documents and through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and XML help in integrating business processes between Trading Partners of consumer goods industry.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI):

EAI solutions consist Microsoft BizTalk Server in conjunction with the Cactus Enterprise Integration Framework which further help in quickly connecting and integrating disparate systems and architectures such as ERPs, and Warehouse Management Systems, and e-Commerce Systems.