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In the year 1960 the Company Law Board began a course in Company Secretary ship which led to a Diploma in Company Secretary ship by the Government. Thus, with the development of theCompany Secretaries at an increasing rate the Institute of Company Secretaries of India developed in the year 1969. This company secretary courses was developed under the regulation of the Companies Act in 1956 of Section 25. After that it got converted into a constitutional organization under the Company Secretaries Act of 1980.

  • Through this company secretary courses courses the knowledge of the contemporary practice in the field of legal affairs and commercial economic filed can be gained.
  • This company secretary courses course is introduced with the aim to expand and control the business of Company Secretaries.

Company Secretary Courses Levels

The Company Secretary courses contain three levels

  • Company Secretary Foundation Course
  • Company Secretary Intermediate Course
  • Company Secretary Final Course 
    • Company Secretary Foundation Course: The foundation course for which is the individual must clear the exam of Higher Secondary to meet the eligibility criteria.
    • Company Secretary Intermediate Course:The second stage which is the Intermediate Course where the individual must clear the foundation stage.
    • Company Secretary Final Course: The last stage is the Final Course where the individual must qualify all the two stages properly in order to become a successful Company Secretary.

Thus, after clearing all the three stages the individual becomes Company Secretary.

Eligibility Criteria to Assess Company Secretary:

Who can and How can a person pursue the Company Secretary courses

  • The individual must have passed Higher Secondary examination or Intermediate Examination in order to pursue the Company Secretary courses.
  • But individual who are already a graduate and have cleared post graduation in Cost Accountancy or Chartered Accountancy can directly apply for the Intermediate stage ofcompany secretary.

Training after Courses of Company Secretary:

After all the examinations are over the candidates who are successful in clearing all the stages have to go for a practical training for 16 months so that the individual becomes the member of the Institute of the Company Secretaries in India and thus, the person allocated with a Professional Membership Number.

Extra Qualities to be a Successful Company Secretary:

  • The individual must be dedicated towards the course and skilled in writing and speaking good English.
  • The individual also must bear a moral character.
  • Individual should be diplomatic enough to understand the company strategies and policies of the company.
  • The individual should also be intellectual, elegant, loyal and meticulous.

Company Secretary Registration Details and Company Secretary Registration Methods

  • Individuals who will be obtaining the Foundation Course must fill up the registration form and the course fee varies widely from institution to institution.
  • Once the first stage is cleared the registration fee for the second has to be paid.
  • The final stage fee is again separate respectively.

Time of Registration of Company Secretary:

The registration for the Intermediate and the Final course occurs once in the month of June and the other in the month of December.

Tenure of the Courses Subjects in Company Secretary:

For some candidates it takes a total of three years to complete the total three stages but for some other candidates it might take more time.

Subjects Covers in this Cmpany Secretary Courses:

The company secretary courses comprises of certain important subjects like:

  • Basic Economics
  • Business Communication
  • English
  • Financial Accounting
  • Company Law
  • Management Accounting
  • General and Commercial Law
  • Corporate Secretarial practice
  • Banking and Insurance
  • World Trade Organization
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Human Resource Management and Industrial Relation
  • International Trade
  • Joint Ventures and Foreign Collaborations and many more

Benefits and Scopes of Company Secretary:

  • The companies who pay a share capital of lump sum amount (varies from place to place) generally require a company secretary in terms of Companies Act.
  • The main function of the Company Secretary is to provide the guidance and precious advice in the fields of financial, secretarial and legal matters.
  • The company secretary will be held responsible in dealing with the stakeholders, Boards of Director, Government Departments and also the individual will act as the compliance officer of the company to incorporate the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Board of India.

Demand of Company Secretary:

There is a huge demand of Company Secretary in USA, India, UK and some western countries.

  • The successful individual company secretary will acquire a job
  • Departments of Company affairs
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Government Departments
  • Company Law Boards
  • Can start up Company Secretary Ship Consultancy firm

Company Secretary Salary:

Company secretary salary will be in high figures.

Limited liability Company and its Registration - Company Secretary

Limited liability Company is a commercial structure through which the shareholders will have limited liability towards the actions of the company. Through this, the company can:

  • avoid double taxation
  • flexibility in the income distribution is possible
  • Attract foreign investors

Registration Fee for Limited liability Company - Company Secretary:

The registration fee for Limited liability Company varies according to states which are from fifty US dollar to five hundred US dollar. Thus, it is very beneficial for the small as the big companies.

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