Company Registration Name

Methods to register a company name

  • According to the companies Act, one or more than one person can form a company for any lawful purpose by donating to its memorandum of associates.
  • For assimilate a company by yourself you will have to fill the form of memorandum of association, Article of Association, form 10 and form 12 along with the registration fee to get your company name registered under the state law.
  • It is mandatory for every person who incorporated a company to be registered.
  • There are several ways to register your own business and they are partnerships, proprietorships and LLC (Limited Liability companies).
  • In most states, if your business is organized as a corporation, limited partnership or LLC, your company name automatically gets registered when you file your Article of organization, Article of incorporation, or the statement of limited partnership to your state filing office.

Company Registration Name and Types

  • Private company limited by share.
  • Private company limited by guarantee
  • Right to manage company
  • Public limited company

There are mainly two reasons for which the states want to keep track of business names.

Firstly, the states want that the consumer should not get confused between the two distinct businesses having similar name for their company.

Secondly, the state wants the customers should easily contact the owner without taking the help of private investigators.

Besides these, some other reasons are there for registering the company name like:

  • Bank will not open an account under your company name unless you show them the proof of the registration of your company.
  • Also you would not be able to put the contract that, you signed under the company name, in effect.
  • Again there may be the large possibility that competing business may take over some of your business.
  • Thus, by registering your company name you are letting other informed by the name of your company so that no other corporation, LLC, or limited partnership in your locality or state can use the name of your company for their business.

Process to Register the Company Name

The process to register a company is very simple and easy. There are few states where registry is done through a secretary of state or through some state agency. But mainly in most of the state the registration of your company name is done at the county level. Due to this for registering a company name each and every county in your state will have different forms and charges. For your convenient you can also contact a clerk working at the county office for knowing the details of procedure, requirements, and charges.

The over all procedure for registering the company name is as follows. It may vary from locality to locality.

  • First of all you check through the database of company name, available at your county or state, to ensure that the company name you have selected is not already registered in your county or state. There are many search option you can pursue for searching company name. You can search the company names public record at registration house or the Companies Registry.
  • After getting confirmed that the selected name is not in use you have to get the registration form either through the website of the Ministry of Legal Affairs. You can also get the form free of cost from the registration house or company's registry or Ministry of Legal Affair Document Center or through the phone. The Business Name Act restricts the use of identical name for the company.
  • Fill that registration form correctly and then submit it along with the filing fee. For a Limited Liability Companies(LLC) you will have to file Article of Incorporation. You can download the form of Article of Incorporation through internet.
  • Depending on the law of your state you may even have to advertise your company name in a local newspaper. You will have to submit the proof of publication to the state agency or county clerk to prove that you have fulfilled the publication prerequisite.

Trademark concept for

You can also register your company name as a trademark.

What is trademark

A trademark is a symbol, device or combination which is adopted and used by the company to distinguish their service or product from the others similar companies.

Do a trademark search and create a winning brand for your business.

Registration of Trademark

  • Trademark registration is not mandatory by the law but it can be used as a powerful protection to your business.
  • The trademark registration of company name can prevent other business to use your business name.
  • For aiding with the trademark you can contact the office of Intellectual Property.