Company Registration Agents

The functions of the agents in company registration are immense and in almost all the country requires a registered agent for the services of process. Each and every company or business maintains a registered agent.

  • In countries like United States individual person is performs the function of the registered agents by meeting the demands of the business.
  • In some countries registered agents are treated as the business entity or act as the lawyers or legal advisor of the company or the organization.

Roles of Registered Agents (Registration Agents):

There are various business entities or companies and limited liability companies which are required to follow the jurisdictions of the country.

  • These country jurisdictions are maintained by the registered agents on the behalf of the company or business entities. Registered agents can also be termed as statutory agents or resident agents.
  • The main function of the registered agents is to facilitate every person with legal identities at every normal business hour so that legal service of process can be performed during legal actions.
  • Registered agents also maintain and deal with all the normal governmental issues. They also prepare annual reports and franchise tax notices as all the notifications are the main functions performed by the registered agents.

Roles executed by the Registered Agents (Registration Agents) in legal affairs

  • It is very difficult for the every company to keep a track of all the legislative changes of the country and work and follow the rules and regulations.
  • So, it is the key role of the agents to follow the changes and work accordingly to prevent any default.
  • This agent does the main work in the company registration.
  • They deal with the legal areas for the company registration so that the business is set up in a faultless manner.
  • Thus, the total governances of the company and all the corporate and legal issues are handled with care.
  • An attorney can also become the registered agents or some countries hire some registered agents.
  • It is mandatory for any types of company to maintain a reregistered agent.

Roles played by the Registered Agents (Registration Agents) in dealing customers and vendors

  • These registered agents also maintain a good relationship with the customers or vendors in legal affairs.
  • They work as the intermediate between the state secretary and company so that all the legal purposes are held clearly without any hassle.
  • The registered agents also help in company formation.
  • All the legal paper works required in the formation of the business are prepared by the registered agents.
  • So, for these, either the company hires or keeps the registered agents as an employee. They also act as the third party agents in handling all the notifications and the receiving all the legal documents on behalf of the company.

Roles accomplished by the registered agents for trade mark

  • Company Registered agents also help the company in putting up its name and establishing it trade mark.
  • The trade mark is very important for the company to run its business in the market.
  • Each and every company has its own trade mark and it is necessary for every company to posses a trade mark which will act as the artwork and it should be copyright and unique for every company.
  • The trade mark is regarded as the symbol of the company.

Roles performed by the registered agents for changing business locations

  • The registered agents also help the business in changing its location or place.
  • If the location or the place is required to be changed it requires a lot of legal works and must be informed to state government of the country.
  • All these proceedings are carried by the reregistered agent so that all the legal proceedings are done in a proper process.
  • Even the constitution for the company regarding all the rules and regulations are to be maintained by the registered agent and also the roles of the company secretary and the director in legal matters are to look after by the registered agent.