Company Registration Act

Companies Acts varies according to different countries. Different countries have different types of process for its registration and also the acts vary accordingly. United States has different set if rules and regulations for company registration or forming a company. United States has some other policies. There are different types of acts for registration or formation of different types of companies like Limited Liability Company and many more.

Acts for company registration in United States (USA company registration act)

  • In the United States, the State common law generally protects the Trademarks. The registration for trademark is passed by Lanham Act of 1946 Congress and administered by United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • A trademark is required before beginning of a business or starting up a company. The trade mark registration procedure is done by an attorney and the charge is 800.00 USD to 1500.00 USD.
  • This includes all the filling up of the paper works and completing other works related to this field.

Types of companies in US and details of company registration and company registration act

  • In US, there are four types of companies like:
      private companies limited by guarantee,
      private companies limited by shares,
      public limited companies
      Private unlimited companies.
  • According to the companies act in United States one or more person is allowed to form a company by subscribing into memorandum of association regarding nay lawful purposes.
  • The acts required for registering companies in US are like Form 10 and 12 and articles of association. In memorandum of association certain details which are necessary are like name f the company, perspective f the company and its registered office.
  • The memorandum in each company is set out under Companies Regulation Act1985of Tables A to F). Articles of association rules and regulations of the company are determined and it belongs to company’s regulation act 2005 of table C and E.
  • In form 10 the comprehend details of directors, secretaries and registered office address is provided.
  • It also provides all the details of the director starting from the date of birth till date of appointment. In a private company there must be one director whereas in a public there should be two directors and Form nos.288a, 288b and 288c are required for registration.
  • Form 12 is necessary for the statutory declaration with all lawful requirements. All these things are done by the company’s chartered accountants and other legal officers.

Acts for company registration in Australia (Australian company registration act)

  • For registering company in Australia, an application has to be made through business service like Australian company registration that works with ASIC.
  • Form 201 is required for registering an Australian company under the Corporation Act 2001 through out the country.
  • The form requires the name of the company and whether the company would be limited or Limited Liability Company.
  • According to section 150 of the act Liability Company is exempted from this criterion.
  • To reserve the name of the company form 410 is required.
  • According to the section 141 of the act company may set up its own rules and regulations and under section 135 of the act a constitution can also be constructed for the company’s rules.

Acts for company registration in India (Indian company registration Act)

  • The paper works are referred to as the documents under the regulation acts 1908 of section 17.
  • The document also comprises of the detail transaction of the immovable properties which includes buildings, lands and things attached o earth.
  • According to the registration act of section 3 Government will have the power to select an Inspector General of Registration who will work out all the activities required for company registration on behalf of the government.
  • In section 28 all the documents containing the transaction of the immovable properties are necessary.
  • Also at the time of registration two witnesses are required and certain documents like the income tax clearance certificate, urban land ceiling declaration certificate, receipt of the market value of the property.
  • According to article 4 the minimum amount required is 5,000INR and maximum amount is 20,000 INR.