Company House Registration

Company house: To administer the incorporation of companies in America along with some other related work, the government of United States has formed an agency. This government agency is an Executive Agencyof the Department of Trade and Industries known as company house.

  • An executive agency of the department of trade and industry is formed by the company house of United States.
  • For the regular work of the company house agency, the chief executive of the company house is known as the responsible to the secretary of state.
  • Also the trading fund status of the company house agency allows company house agency to directly manage their own finances.
  • The chief executive of the company house agency as well as the registrar of the company house for England and Wales is Claire Clancy.
  • The office of the Chief Executive of company house is situated at company house in Cardiff.
  • The registrar of company house for Scotland is Jim Henderson. His office is located at the company house in Edinburgh.

History of company house:

    In 1844 the company house has been incorporated in United States to look after the matters of registration of companies. Since then, the people of United States were enjoying its facility.

  • In United States, it has become mandatory for the new companies to get incorporated their company name in the company house agency.
  • Each year more than three million new companies get incorporated to the company house agency.
  • Since then, more than 1.8 million companies are registered at company house agency in United States.
  • The company registrations matters are dealt with the law of Company Act 1985 and the Companies Act 1989 containing updated legislation.

About the constitution of the company house (Company House Registration):

  • Company house agency constitutes a board of directors and steering board.
  • A steering board of company house agency is formed by independent members from the private sector and senior DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) personnel. This is also supported by the director of company house
  • The steering board of company house makes a meeting very 3monthly in order to discuss on the targets and performance of company house agency, corporate plan and the governance of the company house agency.
  • The company house information center is located in London.

Contact centers of company house (Company House Registration):

For any kind of enquiry related to the service of the company house agency can be done through the contact center of the company house agency.

  • The staff working in the company house contact center are well experience and knowledgeable in products, operation and services offered by the company house and they can give you an immediate solution to all your queries and questions.
  • In case, if they are not able to solve or sort out your queries then in that case they will transfer or forward you to the person who can solve your queries.
  • You can contact to company house contact center by making a phone call or by sending an email.
  • The lines for contact through phone call or email remains open form Monday to Friday form 8.30 – 18.00 UK time, except on national holidays of United States.

Functions of company house agency

The major functions of company house agency in United States are

  • Company house agency can incorporate and dissolve limited companies by examining and making inquire of the document and proof presented by the limited companies to the company house agency.
  • Under the Companies Act and related Legislation contained in the company Act, the information produced to the company house agency used to be examined and verified by the company house agency.
  • The information delivered to the company house agency was made available to the common public by the company house agency.

Filling of the application form at US Company House Registration

The company house at a United States has recently started the electronic filling of the application form for US company registration name.

Benefits of Filling of the application form at US Company House Registration:

  • The electronic filling of the form has made the assimilation of the company name easier.
  • Nowadays, company house agency has offered an online filing scheme where only mutually approved documents are registered.

Few more facts about Company House Agency for Company House Registration:

  • Company house agency also ensures that the choice of the name of the company is not made public unless and until it gets registered by you at company house.
  • For establishing a company in United States, it has become compulsory to get registered to the company house.
  • For this, company house provides a name registration form, form for Memorandum of association, Article of association, form 10 and form 12, which are required to make a company registered at company house agency.
  • After filling, these forms are submitted at the office of company house agency along with the charged registration fee.