Cheap Company Formation

Cheap company formation

Some company formation agents offer cheap company formation registration and services. Like:

PLC offers cheap company formation packages to form a limited or private limited company. There are three types of packages offered by the formation agent fulfilling the needs of every customer. Such as:

Best Value Package: The package is offered at the entry level for those customers who want to have complete Online Company Registration. The package also fulfils requirement of providing information of all the director, secretary, and shareholders. In this package the formation agent also provides documents to start trading electronically.

Standard package: It is a basic package which provides legal documents needed by a company for trading and a hard copy of Certificate of Incorporation to its customer. The package doesn't cost anything extra for not giving information regarding shareholders, directors, and secretary at a later date.

Deluxe Premier Package: The package is of the top level which in addition to, the legal documentation for the company registration provides company seal and six copiers of Memorandum and Articles of Association.

With these packages, the formation agents also provides services like domain name registration, ecommerce solutions, company secretarial service, registered office, domain names, trading websites, business telephone numbers, and Sage Start-Up accountancy software.

Coddan CPM Company Formation Agents:

Coddan CPM is a company formation agents working to form an online corporations and limited liability corporations in different states of USA including Delaware, Nevada, New York, Florida, and California.

The agent finishes with the company's registration in a time span of 4-6 hours. It provides expert advice for the companies trying to setup themselves in the places stated above.

The company prepares and fills the Certificate of Incorporation with state office, provides certified copy of the certificate of incorporation to the client, arranges for resident agent in Delaware for 12 months, and a registered address of the corporation in Delaware for at least 12 months.

A professionally prepared 20 page Delaware Corporation in accordance to laws and ready to be signed are posted through e-mail to the client. In addition to this, consent documentation and minutes of the meeting are posted through e-mail only.

Quick Formations (Online Company Formation Services):

An online company formation services provider offers quick, easy and cheap services to form a limited company, change company officers, change registered address, and sends documents online.

The company provides all the documents to the companies house electronically in a very less time. After getting the order from the client the formation agent takes a time span of 4-6 hours to provide Certificate of Incorporation, including Company Registration number.

The formation agents provides every document electronically in PDF format under a series package. One of the package provides a hard copy of the certificate, two copies of Memorandum and Articles, company seal, and the Essential Business guide to help its client in starting a company.

Another economical package offers a hard copy of the certificate, three copies of the Memorandum and Articles, a loose leaf company register, company name plate of brass metal, a company seal, and the Essential Business guide.

The hard back combined registers: The registers include register of application and allotments, register of members, register of transfers, register of directors etc attached together under a black cover.

The looseleaf combined registers: The registers include register of applications and allotments, register of members, register of transfers, register of secretaries, register of sailings etc. In three part binders to make their use easy and to reduce wear and tear. The documents are developed on word processor and binded on 4D-ringed with library slipcase and tabulated indexes.

Registered Office Service:

The Registered Office Service helps in the formation of Limited company by enabling to use their own office and client's registered office. Clients who are working from their home only don't need to register their home at Companies House.

Sending the statutory letters to the correspondence address of the client is also part of service.

Euroconsulta International: The Company handles the formation of Delaware companies for non-residents and US holding companies. Malta Offshore Companies, Malta ITCs, and Malta holding companies are also its part of formation. In addition to this, the company also handles formation of some European companies located in UK, Cyprus, and Malta.