Business Card Template

With the changing trends, the competition in all business industries is growing so a business card is a vital tool for advertising a business. High quality business card represents the standard of business. Creation of business cards cost thousands of dollars and with the rising popularity of business cards the e-market has introduced a "free business card template" to create qualified business cards. The business community has this facility on various sites for ordering business cards.

Business card software tool is used to design the template on the basis of template layout provided with the tool.

How to choose business card printing software

Nowadays, there are many business card printing programs and templates that will allow you to make cards quickly. For the persons who do not know about the best business card printing software it is important to make sure that programs are customizable. Every business wants the option to change the color, font, size, and design.

Business card designer plus is the most popular program which not only contains thousands of options from different textures to colorful backgrounds but it is easy to use also. It also saves money and due to its simplification anyone can create cards. Other general software that provides great business cards is Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop.

On the other hand if you do not want to spend more money then you can also download business cards templates. Today, many companies have the permit to download these templates without any cost but these templates are very simple and do not contain unique designs. So for those who want a quick and a great looking business card this is the best option for them.

Advantages of business card software:

The major features of business card software are:

Cost efficient:

Business card software designs and prints all business cards at lower costs.

Support for all styles of business cards:

Business cards can be of standard size, double sided, folded or photo quality.

Software own clipart, logos and photos:

This software supplies graphics and high image formats for the designing of business cards.


Some business card software provides the latest graphic effects like mirror, textures and gradient fill effects.

Business card software has different price ranges depending on the site. The price may vary according to the popularity of the software. Many sites offer free trail for the promotion of business card software on buying business card template. This trial can last 10 to 15 days, after which registration is required to buy the desired software. If the software is not registered the trial package is suspended.

Business card design

The standard of the company is reflected by well designed business cards and in designing of business cards, use of templates is very effective.

Following are the advantages of free business card design using templates:

  • The web based templates make business cards much easier to design.
  • They are a cost effective solution for designing business cards.
  • There are thousands of styles available.
  • These templates create stylish business card quickly.
  • A user can create and modify business cards from any computer.

Businessman can design free business cards by entering their information, contact details, and selecting a suitable template. Business card templates are available on online printer's websites. By using these templates and color options one can make business card in variety of styles.

The designing and the printing of the card is cheaper in the online market as compared to the offline markets.

The basic procedure of creating a free business card design is:

  • Selection of online printing website.
  • Survey the free template facilities and software tools.
  • Select a suitable template.
  • Enter the business information.
  • Placing the printing order and the date of delivery.

Color business cards which are created on online will give your cards the right amount of color which helps in attracting more clients. While designing a business card it is also necessary to look whether you want a horizontal or a vertical card.

Business cards can be created in number of ways. A magnetic card is ideal for the customers to keep on their refrigerators so that they may not loose the number whereas a metal business card resists fading and scratching.

Free business card layout:

Printing of business cards can be done in the following way:

Firstly by using the "Envelopes and label option", select a business card template. Once the template is selected, use the "new document button" to create a whole page of business cards layout.

Next use "Insert, Picture" option to insert logo you want. By double-clicking on the logo, you can then format the position of it under the "Layout tab". Now choose the vertical alignment to be at the top of the margin by using "In line with text fit, Left alignment, and Alignment tab" option. This will set your image in the left corner of the card.

To get the position of the logo exactly where you want, use "Advanced settings" option. When this whole process is done, simply tab forward and then tab back. Your whole card will be highlighted and you can copy and paste it on the other pages. Save the page on your hard drive and print out a new page whenever necessary.

You must keep in mind that if you will shrink the large image of logo then it will hamper the readability of the other text. Using this technique you can make business cards with your company's logo at a very little cost.