Bookkeeping Jobs

Part time bookkeeping jobs are very good business that can be started from home because it can be started at any time of the year, and the work can be done any time during the day or night. While doing part time bookkeeping jobs the bookkeeper can continue its current employment and can develop a client base on the side. Although, the income which he get in the initial stage will be very low, but after the expansion of work it might replace the need of doing full time bookkeeping jobs. To search out for clients its better to first contact your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co workers.

It is estimated that in full time bookkeeping jobs one client on average will bring you $300 per month, and require only six to eight hours to complete. For just three or four Saturdays you will be earning over $1,000 per month.

Bookkeeping Jobs Requirements

  • A bookkeeper has the responsibility to print and mail invoices according to client requirements.
  • Bookkeeper needs to apply for payments from the checks received.
  • Bookkeeper needs to analyze client accounts for non-payments.
  • Must help his employees, vendors, and clients in solving their accounts and procedure related queries.
  • Must have strong research and client contact skills.
  • Must have strong reasoning power, and organizational skills.

Bookkeeping Jobs Types

  • Requirement for a skilled bookkeeper who can make Excel spreadsheets to complete the formatting of expense records of the client.
  • Requirement for a bookkeeper who can work on QuickBooks Premier 2007 and can check whether the dollars entered into the Chart of Account are right or not.
  • Requirement for an experienced real estate bookkeeper who can work on QuickBooks for a real estate broker office and can prepare invoices for the properties.

Online Bookkeepers Working Criteria

Some companies provide outsource online bookkeeping jobs to reduce the burden of critical non-core accounting functions. The outsourcing done turns out to be more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Online Bookkeeping Jobs - The work can done by three ways

  • By getting the source documents through fax or on the bookkeepers server.

  • By connecting bookkeeper to the clients computer to get the remote desktop access services.
  • By updating the books of the client.

Benefits of Online outsourcing bookkeeping jobs to freelance bookkeepers, part time bookkeepers, and online bookkeepers include reduction in operating costs, improved quality, improved focus of the company on its core activities, and increased capabilities.

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