Better Business

Every businessman yearns and dreams of making his business better. To develop and promote the business constantly is the duty of all business owners. Only advancement is the key to business success and survival. The following points will help every businessperson cure his headache of how to get better business:

Clear Planning: It is very important that every businessman has clear, concise and proper plans. If a businessman fails to plan, he is planning to fail. So, clear planning is the first and most important step in the ladder of business success.

Definite objectives: Every business owner should draw clear, definite and achievable goals.

For instance, a businessman involved in sale of vacuum cleaners may set an objective of selling at least 5 vacuum cleaners every week. Now, that he has a definite goal to achieve, he will plan clearly how he can achieve this.

Business promotion: No one will know about a business unless it is promoted adequately. Every businessperson should constantly keep promoting his business if he wants to survive and develop.

Continuing our above case law, MrJohn will now think about sales promotion methods to achieve the target sales of 5 vacuum cleaners per week. He may decide on giving free demonstrations, door-to-door promotions or mail promotions.

Motivating employees: The employees are the most valuable assets for any organization. If they are properly trained and motivated, they can make any business scale high heights. The most Important method in motivating employees is by:

  • Placing the right person on the right job and
  • Giving them the right recruitment for their jobs.

Controlling actions: Like planning, controlling is also very important for every business organization Planning and control are two sides of the same coin. Controlling is the process of checking up on the actions taken and assessing whether they comply with the plans and objectives, If there is any inconsistency, then measures to correct and rectify the situation should be undertaken.

continuing our above example, if Mr. John performs a check every weekend, he can find out the level he can attain. Suppose, if he finds out that in a particular week, only 4 Vacuum cleaners were sold, he should take proper steps to set right the situation and make sure It does not happen again.

Some other steps to be taken to get a better business are:

  • The managers and business owners can delegate duty to the employees but they cannot delegate responsibility. SO, it is vital that they remember this everyday.
  • They should control, lead and motivate everyone in the organization to give their very best of efforts for the success of business.
  • There should be proper communication channels established in every business so that there is no confusion.
  • There should be proper organization in the business. This means the "right person on the right job" and "everyone and everything in their right respective places",

If the above steps are followed, confusion can be avoided. This will help to save time and efforts which can we used for better purposes. All this will eventually lead to better business.