Barter Trade

Bartering is the act of trading goods and services without the exchange of money, which benefits countries in mutual benefit in exchanging goods. Those who are lacking hard currency, it helps them to deal with business. The mankind has started the act of bartering from the early stage of civilization. It becomes a common practice, where the confidence in currency and banking system is lacking. Barter is conducted according to the fixed rates or by bargaining. It is the most commonly available practice in preliterate societies.

Barter is a nice way to save some money. It helps to avoid transactional cost that is incurred when an item is sold. A very good example is car trading. When you buy a car from a person, you need to pay tax. But, if you exchange it with another person, the tax is saved. It is also beneficial because when an item does not have a liquid secondary market, barter becomes a very good solution.

In the long run, barter can save a lot of money. It is therefore very important to think what items you don't need before buying an item that you need. The process also lower transactional risk because you get a price by ensuring there will be a buyer for your old item with an acceptable price. One more thing. Barter helps a person to become creative with surprises springing up from time to time.

Some of the most important reasons for bartering are as follows. Barter something you have in excess in exchange of something you need. To enhance your quality of life, to use it as marketing tool for boosting sales and increase purchasing power.

Solutions for Barter Trade

Barter trade continues to play an important role in countries where currencies cannot be converted easily. It has become the main means of exchange where hyperinflation has totally destroyed currencies, e.g. in Germany after the two world wars. It may be mentioned that free exchange of information especially through the Internet can be regarded as a form of gift exchange, a version of barter.

Restoring Credit is of paramount importance for surviving in the modern day world. Today barter is fast moving back to the system as traders and businessmen find it to be a solution to get rid of debt or expanding their company.

Bartering and reselling is sure to generate a lot of interest to make some fast money and give you an opportunity to start your own business. The stars are at your limit. Be sure that you don't invest money into items that are not going to produce revenue.

Bartering also helps you to raise money for repairing your business provided one has access to internet and have the ability to write. Good English skills adds to your credibility and is often the best way to earn a good amount of money to make ends meet.


  • Barter trade saves our time
  • products or services get more value
  • Barter trade brings more buyers for our products, as there are many buyers, who lack currency and can use something other than cash to buy.
  • Tax liability might be saved
  • Trading brings people together and saves money.

Barter trading world comprises of creative people with creative ideas to offer us a fun and excitement to buy and sell our own properties like boats, cars, real estate etc. Some of the important tips to be remembered, while trading:

  • Always feel comfortable in the transaction
  • When dealing with another party, feel free to ask for references
  • A bank or intermediary might be used in case of large transactions, to make sure that the closing accomplishes to our satisfaction.
  • If we are not familiar with the things involved, there are several options available in the Internet and also in the phone book to collect and collate information as per the our own requirements.
  • We have to be fair, realistic and honest in our evaluation, while listing the items and its value.


  • If we have a boat, we might exchange it for a car
  • A scientist might exchange his services with a consulting copyright
  • A doctor might exchange his services for a ship
  • In the same way, a mechanic can exchange his services for a computer and
  • An engineer for a building lot.

Barter trade in broadcasting industry

For instance, barter trade was also used for broadcast advertising. At an early stage of broadcast advertising, the hotels were offering a document called due bills, which had the value of one day‘s stay per room in return of the space for advertising in the newspaper or magazine. The newspaper or magazine people were using the bills for their own or will sell them out at a discount and based on the due bills value, the advertising cost was determined. In early days of radio, most of the advertising time was sold through barter, as the cash was so tight.

Barter occurs in modern complex cities. Now-a-days, barter has become a highly competitive business in broadcast industry. There are some barter brokers, who completely handle only barter business. Everyone has something to trade, not only the physical items are trade worthy, some thing other than that, even our talent and service can also be offered, we can use our talent as money. Positive minded people are waiting for creative offers in the world of barter.

Finally, trade has no boundary and the Internet has changed the lifestyle of the people and acting as a platform for bringing people together in an innovative way. Today, the number of people involved in barter trade is rapidly increasing to trade their goods and services. They are going back for barter trade to get rid of the financial concerns of today’s economy, which will shape the future of commerce worldwide.