Bad Credit Mortgage Company

Some mortgage lenders offer mortgages for the people with credit problems. First of all the lender will check the credit history and if it is found to be poor then there is the only option of getting the bad credit mortgage. Bad credit can be caused due to various reasons i) late credit card payments ii) bankruptcy. These types of reasons reflect that the person is irresponsible in making the payments in the past.

The factors which affect credit history are:

County Court Judgements (CCJs):

If you are not able to pay the debt then court orders will insist you to repay the debt to the creditor within one month and it is recorded on the Register of County Court Judgements. Once you pay the debt in one month it will be marked as satisfied. CCJs will affect not only the credit history but also affects the mortgages open to you.

Mortgage arrears or payment difficulties:

If again you are unable to meet repayment amounts then the lender has to decide whether you have to provide a mortgage or not but he can also help you by:

  • Offering advice on how to budget for your repayments.
  • Only charging you for the interest on your repayments for a period of time.
  • Offering you a payment holiday.
  • Increase the term of your mortgage to reduce your monthly repayments.
  • Reducing the amount you repay for the period of time.


Bankruptcy can be used as a way of clearing debits that you cannot repay. It usually lasts for a year. After this if you still owe money you may be discharged but further assets may be seized. Once again credit history will be affected.

Even after that lender will decide to provide the loan to the people as they can make more money from the loan because the person with bad credit history has to pay a higher rate of interest against loan amount. This means the person has to pay the higher monthly payments.

Nowadays, there are lots of internet based companies which offer bad credit mortgage loans with fast and personal service. A person can get a loan decision in a matter of minutes via his e-mail account. So after having a bad credit history it is not a difficult task to obtain bad credit mortgage. Moreover, it is the best option for the people who want to get their first home.

In order to get 100% financing with bad credit, credit score must be higher. To raise credit score there are few suggestions:

Checking your credit reports:

It means that accounts which are paid off and closed must shown as being paid off and closed.

Pay-off any small collection accounts:

Once you have paid off your accounts then talk about this to your lender because it helps in increasing your credit score.

Pay down open credit line balances:

If these balances are paid off then it will also help in increasing your credit score. So if credit score is higher then one is approved for a bad credit mortgage loan.

Mortgage loan programs specifically made for those who are in debt. Some companies offer debt consolidation loans to lower the payments and helps in increasing the credit score. There are many advantages of low mortgage rates. The total interest percent will be less, resulting in a lower monthly payment along with the total amount of loan. Save the most while paying the least.