Atlanta Economy

Atlanta has a considerable impact on America’s economy being one of the top business and transportation hubs. Atlanta metropolis comprises of large middle class families which provide it a diverse purchasing power and is considered one of the fastest growing metro cities in United States. Atlanta city is the home to a large number of fortune 500 companies and is ranked as thirty-third largest city and the largest metropolitan area in United States of America.

Manufacturing Sector Contribution

Atlanta is home to a lot many Biotechnology sectors and also has a large base of automobile manufacturing units. However, recently, Atlanta has faced declining trend in automobile manufacturing growth. Atlanta is the head quarter of Coca Cola Company and it enjoys considerable influence in Atlanta’s economy. Atlanta’s economy is a mix of many diverse sectors and apart from Coca Cola; no particular industry dominates Atlanta’s economy. Among the items and goods produced in Atlanta; metals, machinery, transportation, equipment, food and beverages, printing, publishing, textiles, apparel, furniture, telecommunications, hardware, steel, chemicals holds importance.

Banking and Finance Sector Role

Atlanta has a flourishing Banking and Financial sector with presence of many financial and banking institutions within its city limits. Federal Reserve System has a district head quarter in Atlanta.

Shipping and Transportation Sector Role

Atlanta is well connected with railways, roadways and air services and this makes it a major cargo industry. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is an important airport and focus of activity. Atlanta offers services of several hundreds of freight carriers and traders have an option to go for railways, roadways or air services for moving their cargo.

Labor Force

Atlanta always has ample supply of skilled workers derived from the surrounding counties and has a considerable immigrant base. Skilled labors are willing to relocate to Atlanta since wages are always on a rise. However, recent recession has applied brakes on the employment opportunities and a rise in unemployment has been noticed.