Young Artist Awards 1987

9th Young Artist Awards 1987

Motion Pictures

Best Young Male Superstar:  River Phoenix - The Mosquito Coast (Warner Bros)

Best Young Female Superstar: Lisa Bonet - Angel Heart (Tri-Star Pictures)

Best Young Performer in a Motion Picture

Best Young Actor in a Motion Picture: Drama:  Fred Savage - The Princess Bride (20th Century Fox)

Best Young Actress in a Motion Picture: Drama:  Lea Thompson - Some Kind of Wonderful (Paramount)

Best Young Actor in a Motion Picture: Comedy:  Patrick Dempsey - Can't Buy Me Love (Touchstone)

Best Young Actress in a Motion Picture: Comedy:  Maia Brewton - Adventures in Babysitting (Buena Vista/Touchstone)

Best Young Actor in a Motion Picture: Horror:  Corey Feldman - The Lost Boys (Warner Bros)

Best Young Actress in a Motion Picture: Horror: Christa Denton - The Gate (Alliance Entertainment)


Best Young Male Superstar:  Kirk Cameron - Growing Pains (ABC)

Best Young Female Superstar:  Alyssa Milano - Who's the Boss? (ABC)

TV Special, TV Movie or Variety Show

Best Young Actor Starring :  Bobby Jacoby - A Different Affair (CBS)

Best Young Actress Starring: Jaclyn Bernstein - A Fight For Jenny (NBC)

Television Drama Series

Best Young Actor Starring:  Trey Ames - A Year in the Life (NBC)

Best Young Actress Starring:  Amanda Peterson - A Year in the Life (NBC)

Best Young Actor Guest Starring:  Billy Jacoby - 21 Jump Street (episode "America, What a Town") (FOX TV)

Best Young Actress Guest Starring:  Alyson Croft - Cagney & Lacey (CBS)

Television Comedy Series

Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor: Jeremy Miller - Growing Pains (ABC)

Exceptional Performance by a Young Actress: Nicole Eggert - Charles in Charge (KTLA)

Best Young Actor Starring:  Jonathan Ward - The New Adventures of Beans Baxter (FOX TV)

Best Young Actress Starring:  Staci Love Keanan - My Two Dads (NBC)

Best Young Actor Guest-Starring:  Bobby Jacoby - Perfect Strangers (episode "The Shoplifter) (ABC)

Best Young Actress Guest-Starring: Laura Jacoby - Valerie (NBC)

Cable Series or Special

Best Young Actor: Scott Nemes - It's Garry Shandling's Show (Showtime)

Best Young Actress:  Kaleena Kiff - The New Leave It to Beaver (WTBS)

Under 10 Years of Age in Television or Motion Picture

Best Young Actor:  Brian Bonsall - Family Ties (NBC)

Best Young Actress: Heidi Zeigler - Rags to Riches (ABC)

Ensemble Performance

Outstanding Young Actors/Actresses Ensemble in Television or Motion Picture

 The Monster Squad (Tri-Star Pictures) (Motion Picture) - Andre Gower, Robby Kiger, Ryan Lambert, Michael Faustino, Brent Chalem, and Ashley Bank

  • Bustin' Loose (KTLA) (Television Comedy Series) - Aaron Lohr, Larry Williams, Tyren Perry, and Marie Lynn Wise,
  • Little Spies (Disney) (Television Special) - Jason Hervey, Adam Carl, Peter Smith, Scott Nemes, Candace Cameron, and Sarah Jo Martin,

Outstanding Young Actor/Actress/Ensemble in Animation Voice-Over

 An American Tail (Universal) - Phillip Glasser and Amy Green

Family Television Entertainment

Best Television Family Special, Movie of the Week or Variety Show: A Fight for Jenny (NBC)

Best Family Television Drama Series:  Our House (NBC)

Best Family Comedy Series:  Growing Pains (ABC)

The Most Promising New Fall Television Series:  My Two Dads (NBC)

Best Cable Series:  The New Leave It to Beaver (WTBS)

Best Animation Series or Special for Family Viewing: The Flintstone Kids (Hanna Barbera)

Family Motion Picture Entertainment

Best Family Motion Picture: Animation: An American Tail (Universal/Amblin Entertainment)

Best Family Motion Picture: Comedy:  Like Father, Like Son (Tri-Star)

Best Family Motion Picture: Drama:  Over the Top (Cannon Films)

Teen-age Favorite Horror/Drama Motion Picture:  The Lost Boys (Warner Bros.)

Youth In Film's Special Awards

Best Family Music Video: Lionel Richie's "Ballerina Girl"

The Jackie Coogan Award

Outstanding Contribution to Youth Through Entertainment: Chuck Berry

Former Child Stars Life Achievement Awards

 Tony Dow and Ken Osmond of the Old and New Leave It to Beaver series

Best Young Actor in A Foreign Film: Anton Glanzelius - My Life as a Dog (Sweden) 

Best Young Actress in A Foreign Film: Melinda Kinnaman - My Life as a Dog (Sweden)

Best Family Foreign Film:  My Life as a Dog (Sweden) - Directed by Lasse Hallström