Wood Craft Ideas

Wood crafting is a passion, not only a mere hobby for people who love to shape those pieces of wood, dull, and lifeless, to things that speak a thousand words in the language of beautiful artwork. A plain and simple wood dowel, a little imagination, a few drops of sweat, and the magic is on. It’s like the real craftsmanship where one has to showcase both the artist and the worker in himself.

Generally, the types of wood that are used for wood crafting are:   

  • Pine, being inexpensive and light in color, it is excellent for small wood-craft projects.
  • Walnut is usually the darker one of the lot. That makes it good enough to be used in making small pieces of furniture, treasure-chests, candle stands etc.
  • Ash is very brittle, though it can be used to carve out things like drumsticks.
  • Balsa has a very soft texture, so can be used for making intricate carvings.
  • Plywood is however, the best choice when you are thinking of making something engineered to perfection, like kitchen-cabinets.

If you are going to decide what to make out of these pieces, then be sure to get spoilt of choices. Here’s a list of some of them.

  • Curtains of wood - The main thing you have to do is to make a lot of beads cut out of wood first. Have a fine thread running from the wood dowel to your desired length. Thread in the beads in various patterns and designs, and your curtain is ready!
  • Flag posts- You can make these flag posts for patriotic purposes, as well as decorative. But remember, the thicker, the better because they should be strong enough along with the beauty.
  • Toy wands- You can of course make a toy wand for your baby girl yourself. Have it decorated with some colors and glitters, present it to your princess and see her face glow with joy.
  • Shelf railings- Try your hand at making some railings for your book-shelf. We bet, with a little imagination, you will never put yourself down.
  • Treasure chest- Making a treasure chest or box is one of the easiest wood craft ideas. Make this out of any kind of wood and varnish it. If you want, you can also paint the top with some wood-like colors, that will give the illusion of engraved designs.
  • Wooden Decorations 
    • Wooden Flower Memo Hold
    • Wooden Wall Decoration
    • Wooden Flowers
    • Wooden Flower Chain to put near the windows
    • A Wooden Sailor Boy
    • Bird on a Perch
    • Wooden Elephants
    • Wooden Chalkboard for the kitchen to right down all your grocery needs.
    • Birdhouses
    • Wooden Sailboat to give your room a maritime makeover.
    • Wooden Recipe Card Holder
    • Wooden Box with Hearts to give your love a surprise!
    • Sitting Hen cum salt and pepper holder
    • Easter Bunny
    • Snowman Door Sign for giving out as the perfect Christmas gift to your friends and neighbors.
    • The Santa Claus, which may take a pretty amount of time, but what can be more than exciting than having your own hand-crafted Santa Clause this Christmas!
    • Wooden Christmas Trees for the right holiday mood.
    • Snowman Tree Hangings for your Christmas Tree
  • Wooden Furnitures- Of course you are not needed to sit down there making all the household furnitures, but with a little try, you can make those little cute pieces of furnitures like the bedside lamp-stand, a small chair for your child or hid first reading table!

Invest yourself in your wood craft ideas. They are not only fun but very useful too. From some really necessary things to the decorative add-ons around your house, you can create wonderful things that will be cherished by all.

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