Winnter Craft Ideas

Winter is the time for cuddling up in that cozy corner next to the fireplace in your room and spending some time with yourself, and your loved ones. It is the time to relax and have some fun and get those little ideas you always harbored, crafted to perfection.

Winter craft ideas are fun. You can make some cute show-pieces to put around the house, and even make some of the decorations for your upcoming Christmas which will be soon round the corner. As inexpensive, and easy to make as they are, there are quite a few winter craft ideas listed below, which you can easily make, with your creativity adding more spice to them.

  • Snow Stars – It is as interesting as it sounds. Fold the paper, preferably, one of the hard sorts, in the right way and color them with white and silver glitter fabric to lend it the shining effect. Cut out stars of different sizes and shapes; chain them in a yarn if you like. You can use it on your Christmas Tree and also use as a fantastic wall-hanging for your kid’s room!
  • Mittens – You will get all the materials handy, there’s no doubt about them. It will be a good idea to preserve this craft as a winter keepsake memento.
  • Winter Angel - The best thing about it is, it is very easy to make. Print it out, color it, then put it together, and wow, your angel is ready!
  • Winter Stamping - Take stamps, cookie cutters, or make yourself some funny shapes cut out from a cardboard. Dip into white glue and mark on black, brown, or blue paper. Sprinkle glitter over it generously, let them dry, and appreciate your own art-piece.
  • Winter Splatter Picture – Paint a traditional winter scenario, or take some cut-outs from different pictures, collage them for the perfect winter perspective. Now take a brush, dip it into white color, and slowly splatter it with your fingers and the bristles. It will create a dreamy effect in the picture as if snow is falling. Be sure to use a dark backdrop to emphasize on this white special effect.
  • Cupcake Liner Snowman – Use the cupcake liners as the base. Make your little snowman out of whatever you like - pompoms, construction paper etc. Stick small buttons as his eyes.
  • Snow Tracks – You can make your kid paint his/her palm and take the impression on a white paper. Now, ask him, to dip his index finger into the paint and mark with the color three or four times on the top of the palm prints. When dried, it will look like footprints of an animal.
  • Fleece Hat – Make a fantastic winter-hat from fleece, and add some accessories to make it look even more cute with your imagination.

The other things you can make this winter are:

  • Snowmen Fence, if you feel one snowman is not enough for you! Snowman salt and pepper holder.
  • Clay Pot Photo Stand
  • Snow Globe
  • Snow Wreath
  • Winter Igloo with empty coconut shells and sugar cubes. You can make the snow with shaving cream and glue.
  • Winter Scrapbook to record this eventful winter assembled with those little memorable pictures of snow-fighting may be!

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