Wedding Bells (Music & Lyrics)

Music is well said to be the speech of angels. Music bells is regarded as the fourth great material want of our nature. Music bells is the basic necessity which has made man to fall upon. The soft and mellow sound of instruments when played together evokes the speech of angels in the atmosphere. Besides wedding bell has got the potential of bringing about harmony. Therefore music bells is fair to say that the soul of auspicious occasion lies in the heart of music.

Music acts as a binding force by bringing people of different communities to tap their feet in a single rhythm. Weddind lyrics is an instrument which plays a crucial role in bringing about the feeling of the environment or place we are in. The best quality of music is its power to penetrate deep into the soul which results in the flow of emotions.

Music is the shadow of whatever event is taking place. Event comes and goes! What remain in our heart are its memories. It is a reminder of how things once were and also an indication of how things are.

Music (wedding Bells) can also be regarded as a way to deliver message. Say, for instance - in Hindu marriages, when the bride enters the marriage arena, the atmosphere echoes with the traditional and the classical piece of music (wedding music & Lyrics) . This Wedding bells (music) is impregnated with the lyrics of joy thus giving feel of the moment.

The charm and bloom of marriage also depends largely on its theme, music i.e wedding bells. Wedding bells should have perfect match with the wedding procession .If not taken into consideration result would be obscure. For instance-the wedding music or wedding bells should include love songs personifying the couple.

The theme of event varies from moment to moment, occasion to occasion and religion to religion. Like some have church weddings (christmas wedding bells) while others have simple backyard weddings. The purpose is obvious but the means to carry out the procession varies. The wedding songs or wedding lyrics or wedding bells gives us the feel of moment and is carried out in the following different ways.

Church Bells - The Christian marriages, takes place in front of priest in the church, in order to give solemn blessings to the couple and to make wedding knot unbreakable in the eyes of god. Although, in the traditional wedding march (wedding bells) is the common music that is played in the background. But to add more feelings the traditional Christian wedding song or wedding lyrics or wedding bells are also required evoking the feeling of love between the couple.

One of the best features of Christian wedding is balance between a love song and a religious song. Such combination makes whole event interesting and continues to stabilize the interest of the gathered crowd.

To make wedding unique, hiring a vocal soloist at times can also bring special and intimate touch. On a whole the choice of songs should be elegant enough to make event embossed in ones memory forever.

Hindu's Dhol N Shehnai - Hindu wedding comprises of many events. It is considered as a typical wedding. Among all the marriages this is the one which includes all the musical moments starting from the prelude, the processional, the brides entrance, the ceremony, the recessional and the postlude. Along with these traditional songs, folk songs and DJ songs are also the part of it.

Cermonial Music - Music is the heart and soul of any ceremony. Choosing music is indeed an important task. The music played should have power to move your guests emotionally. It should provide an awesome backdrop to your ceremony.

For that stringed quartet with traditional wedding march is the best option. Along with these folk songs corresponding to ceremony with special meaning should also be played.

Music for Reception - Gone were the days when classical music was in demand. Now the taste of people has been deviated towards more energetic and hard beats. This is the best way to make your reception party rocking. DJ'S are popular these days. Hiring a rocking DJ add fun and keep the party vibrating and shaking from starting till the end.

This music beats and criteria go with all the religions with only difference IS the linguistic touch. Be it a Bengali marriage, Punjabi or of any other caste the moments remain same with only change is some instruments .For instance in Punjabis the piano and speeches are replaced by dhol tumbi and old folk Punjabi songs.

So finally I can end it on a note saying that music is one thing that connects people across culture, sometimes highlighting our similarities and sometimes celebrating our differences.

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